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Charlize Theron gains fifty pounds for role as mother…I eat a roll and gain five.

I just saw a zahtig Charlize Theron in Tully, a movie about the torture of having an infant and being pulled in every direction and overeating and sleep deprivation and depression, but don’t get me started. I told my pregnant daughter to avoid watching it at ALL COSTS.

Charlize gained fifty pounds for the role, because that’s what she does. She gives her all. She confessed that the weight gain was brutal, and that the overdosing of sugar and processed foods made her fall into a deep depression. I fall into a deep depression when I gain two pounds, just looking in the mirror, so I feel for her.

But when I got my color done the other day, and a fresh cut and blowout, despite the fact that I judged myself staring at my reflection, wearing the slice of pizza I’d eaten the night before, I felt like a million bucks.

So go for the Geo Palette Hair System, get pristine color with Lumetrix and George Mennella, and you won’t see the weight gain. You will simply see gorgeous hair.

Charlize, on the other hand, is skinny again. I will have spinach and a piece of palm-sized chicken for dinner. -JC

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Weigh in on the theory: Charlize Theron plays Marilyn Monroe




Charlize Theron as Marilyn Monroe? The mind boggles. Let’s compare. Tall and statuesque Charlize at 5′ 10″, versus smaller and curvier Marilyn at 5′ 5″.

  If anyone can do it, Charlize can. She won the Academy Award playing serial killer, Aileen Wuornos, in Monster, a sizzling agent in Atomic Blonde, and alpha heroine, Imperator Furiosa, in Mad Max, and so many more. She has acting chops.

 Laurence Olivier was famous for insulting Marilyn with his gaffe, “Try and be sexy”. She didn’t have to try. She simply turned on a switch and the camera fell in love, projecting her beauty, vulnerability, and innocence. She is one of those icons loved by men AND women. But damn, Charlize looks good!

And if she can pull off the essence of Marilyn, the vulnerability, the tremulous voice, all will be well.

But they have to get the hair right!

And so do you. Ask for the Geo Palette Hair System, integrated with the new technology of Lumetrix Hair Color, to achieve spectacular results. Your hair color is your crowning glory. Marilyn Monroe will never be forgotten. Charlize Theron will triumph. But the hair  has to be perfect. And so does yours. 

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Rescue My Hair – Moti Salon

The Geo Palette team is doing another Rescue My Hair Event.

Starting at 11am, this will be an exciting new project. If you would like to be a hair model, then apply here and email your photos to Make sure you include photos of your hair.

House Salon Moti Brooklyn

©Moti Maman, Brand Manager, Creative Agency
hair by moti at house salon
8512 19th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11214

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Hell’s bells for the film called “Elle”!

I rarely stand up and applaud a movie, and it’s even rarer that I “boo” one. But that’s how I felt when I finished watching Isabelle Huppert in ELLE, a movie about a woman who is assaulted, befriends her rapist, and lures him back to get raped again. I won’t give away the ending. But she’s in charge, sort of. I hated every character in it.

Which makes me wonder, if a narrative stays with you, does it mean you’ve experienced great filmmaking? No for Elle, and yes for the poetic/elegaic/hopeful/hopeless Moonlight, which has haunted me for weeks with its themes of connection, poverty, race bias, gender bias, and humanity.

Elle could possibly win an Oscar for best foreign picture. Ms Huppert certainly deserves one, and I heartily hope that she writhes on the floor and rids herself of the damages done as I hear she exorcised her demons in a past movie that she had completed. (Okay, you can see that I’m more Oscar the Grouch than Oscar award winning when it comes to THIS film.)

Of course, getting one’s hair colored is a different matter.  Viva the Geo Palette, with its reusable plastic Clearview subsections and no ph-altering foils. Get hair color that stays. Color that deserves applause. Oscar award caliber. No “boos”,  ever. -JC

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Inspiration or perspiration?

I’m not always inspired. And if I wait for that ping of electricity to penetrate my brain, that eureka called “an idea”, it may never come.

May I recommend sheer, hard work. Pen to paper. Or fingers to computer. If you’re writing, don’t complete that paragraph…leave something for next time, so that you can avoid writer’s block. Painting, just start doodling, or paint the mailbox with flowers.

Always have materials handy. Take a class. Go to a museum. Walk in the garden. But do the work. Inspiration won’t always make you move your fingers over the keyboard.

Colorists…try the Geo Palette if you’re bored with foils. Paint hair on Clearviews. Use the handheld palette for a touch of balayage, a soupcon of color.

Force yourself. Creativity arrives like a surprise present. Embrace it, and start over tomorrow.

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Kate Moss makes fun of herself in new film…but Stella McCartney has the best line!

A friend and I saw Absolutely Fabulous on the big screen. We laughed hard at Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders… hysterical as they rolled their eyes and injected themselves with Botox as easily as they applied their lipstick. The cocaine snorting and drinking to excess didn’t make us want them to go to rehab. We were in the funny zone. They wobbled in their high heels, comical queens at fashion shows and the Riviera as they made absolute fun of themselves.

Kate Moss was the goddess of the film, “killed off” early to the horror of the fashion world. She reigns supreme, drinkng champagne with her perfect Kate Moss lips, emerging from the Thames like Botticelli’s Venus, only way thinner.

Lulu arrives, along with Joan Collins, Jon Hamm, and a cast of celebrities that I’d like help naming, but I’m too close to Eddy and Patsy in age to remember.

Go with a friend and have more than a few laughs. Then go for drinks and get catty about super model Kate. She’s still got it. 

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When I was a little girl, I was terrible at coloring…

Waterproof carrying caseWhen I was a little girl, I was terrible at coloring. My sisters were better at hopscotch and scrabble, and they always stayed inside the lines of the coloring book. My hand wandered.

When I entered college, I had dreams of writing, not art. Never art. How could someone who couldn’t color inside the lines ever become an artist?

But I was drawn to painting. I took one class called “Form and Expression”, and the professor placed three sacks of sand on the concrete floor. I got out my box of watercolors and began. Reds. Yellows. Cobalt blue. He held up my painting, full of color that didn’t exist in those plain burlap bags. “This picture gives off a feeling of joy,” he said.

I transferred into the art school that afternoon.

The Geo Palette Hair System will infuse you with the same joy of painting that I experienced that day. Get out your paint brushes, colorists. Embark on an adventure in hair coloring that will change your professional life.

As it did mine.

Art is a commonality shared by colorists around the world. Visit us at the IBS and share the creative tools that George Mennella and the Geo Palette Hair System offers. Artists unite! Try the Geo Palette and paint your way to sublime hair color, unlike any other. -JC

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How I have changed: is it all in the eyebrows?

Jude: then and now When I look back at old pictures of me in the sixties, I laugh at my caterpillar eyebrows. Plucking was not fashionable, and my face was mustachioed! Yes, we had a certain wild child charm, but look at the face of today: all depilated or contoured eyebrows, waxed, threaded or lasered, with false or chemically enhanced eyelashes. It’s okay by me. I don’t like needles, and forget the scalpel. I figure my lashes and brows are my facelift.

Ah, but my hair. I can get my glory so easily with Geo Palette color. Without going under the knife.

Colorists, look for us at the IBS on March 8, 9 and 10, at the Jacob Javits Center. Try the system and bring creativity back into your professional life.

Future clients, check out my hair color and lashes. I’ll see you there.  -JC

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Breaking Bad: the Geo Palette

Hooked on Breaking Bad? You know the feeling of awe and wonder at the writing, acting, and cinematography. We love the two minute snippet that pulls us into each episode, starting with an image that pulses through the show, whether it’s a stuffed animal’s eye, a trickle of blood in blue water, or a pair of broken spectacles. We love Jessie. Walter White? Not so much.

Speaking of Breaking Bad…the Geo Palette Hair System is fabulous at breaking bad habits like stripey highlights, a dull finish, the same old ashy blond, or a carroty red look. Break into great color with the most revolutionary new color system to hit the hair industry. The Geo Palette, by George Mennella, a bad-ass master colorist and inventor, will excite and intrigue! Google it. Get it. Blondes, brunettes, and redheads! Your image will thank you. -JC


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Batchelorette vs. Bitchelorette: Desiree’s downfall

Every Monday, my daughter, niece, sister and I indulge in our guilty pleasure, watching the Bachelorette. As I watched Desiree tell Brooks, “I love you,” after he had just confessed that he wasn’t madly in love with her, I thought, “Whaaaaa?”  Why give him the satisfaction?

And as the two of them hugged and cried, and cried and hugged, and she said, “Don’t,” when he said he was sorry, I thought, “Do bitches have more fun?” And when Brooks told her that he didn’t miss her enough when he was away, shouldn’t Des have said, “There’s the door. I won’t miss you either.”?” Brooks confessed that love is heightened by a smidgeon of pain, no? Watching them gave us plenty of it!

Do bitches have more fun? Blondes do, when they get Geo Palette color, fabulous hair color that surpasses the traditional highlight. Brunettes do, with a richness and subtlety that is unrivaled. Redheads love the Geo Palette, with spice and aubergine and crimson blends. Dimension and shine. What more do we need for a rich life, besides money?

Desiree: come and get the Geo Palette. There are other better boys out there that will run towards you, not away.

(But he is cute, isn’t he?)

The Geo Palette. Hair as living art.  Call 516 374-1490 or google us. -JC

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