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Ugly models…or are they?

Ugly modelWaiting for one of our models at the entranceway to the International Beauty Show, I watched the guards pick out and direct them. “Model?” the security man asked a tall washed out girl. She nodded, and he let her in.

“Model?” he asked an awkward giraffe with a pimple on her chin.

She silently moved past him.

“Model?” he said to a skinny girl with poor posture.

“Yup,” she said, breezing by him.

Later, with hair and makeup, tight clothes and skyscraper heels, they rocked it. A light was switched on, in their demeanor, their stance, their faces. Their transformation was complete, from plain to spectacular.

Great hair color will do it. Red lips or smoky eyes. Turn your brights on. -JC

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Experience a HAT ATTACK of creativity

What’s going on? You get to see George Mennella in person along with his trademark hat at the IBS, Geo Palette Hair System, #1144.

7 Photos of George Mennella wearing his trademark hat look while styling hair

Experience a HAT ATTACK of creativity
George Mennella is on the go with his trademark Hat

Say hello to the team: Fernando, Kate, and several guest stars! Come play with us…

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TRANSFORM YOURSELF…not necessarily the TRANS-JENNER way, but…

Hands On Learning in the Geo Palette Hair SystemI believe in change, although it brings me a dollop of fear. But every time I make the move and fight the fear, it is usually a good thing.

Bruce Jenner can’t help going public, the trans-Jenner way, with his recent transformation, because his family is so public. We can make fun of it, or question it, but it’s not a butt implant or a facelift, and the public can be very cruel. All of you naysayers, can’t you see a hint of bravery in a man who transforms himself from an Olympic star into a Tootsie?

There are easier ways to transform yourself. Colorists, transform your professional life with the Geo Palette Hair System. People, transform your hair color from pretty highlights to gorgeous multi-dimensional color.

We are beyond Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and there is nothing sensational about it…except for your hair color.    -JC

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When I was a little girl, I was terrible at coloring…

Waterproof carrying caseWhen I was a little girl, I was terrible at coloring. My sisters were better at hopscotch and scrabble, and they always stayed inside the lines of the coloring book. My hand wandered.

When I entered college, I had dreams of writing, not art. Never art. How could someone who couldn’t color inside the lines ever become an artist?

But I was drawn to painting. I took one class called “Form and Expression”, and the professor placed three sacks of sand on the concrete floor. I got out my box of watercolors and began. Reds. Yellows. Cobalt blue. He held up my painting, full of color that didn’t exist in those plain burlap bags. “This picture gives off a feeling of joy,” he said.

I transferred into the art school that afternoon.

The Geo Palette Hair System will infuse you with the same joy of painting that I experienced that day. Get out your paint brushes, colorists. Embark on an adventure in hair coloring that will change your professional life.

As it did mine.

Art is a commonality shared by colorists around the world. Visit us at the IBS and share the creative tools that George Mennella and the Geo Palette Hair System offers. Artists unite! Try the Geo Palette and paint your way to sublime hair color, unlike any other. -JC

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Is Beauty only Skin Deep?

selfieone I have met many beauties in my day…but the minute a  gorgeous lady opens her mouth, with a racist  comment or a violation of the soul, she is rendered  downright ugly. Of course, if her hair looks good, it might take a little longer for her ugliness to come into focus.

So get Geo Palette Hair color…you might be ugly on the inside, but you will look more beautiful on the outside for waaaay longer!   Superficial beauties may apply. -JC

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Geo UNBOUNDED! …to achieve fantastic results!

Photo of beautiful hair looks created using the Geo Palette Hair System

Geo UNBOUNDED! …to achieve fantastic results!


Photo of a Multi-colored look created with the Geo Palette system

Multi-colored look created with the Geo Palette system

“After having my hair dyed using The Palette, I can’t imagine going back to foils. It’s comfortable and easy, and I have never loved my color as much as I do using this system. The cuts are incredible too! Getting my hair cut on the Palette gave me beautiful layers, and great volume.”
Jessica Swain, actress

“The Palette color illuminates my whole face and makes me feel sexier and more confident. My hair is fresh, youthful, and totally fun. When I got home, my mom was like, “You look like a celebrity!”

Caroline Barth, college graduate/swim instructor

“I did the Paletting, and I hadn’t realized that the layers of color were very natural, yet special. At the pool club, people came up to me daily, telling me that I should definitely keep this color, as it was fabulous. And The Palette took almost half the time, since coloring and cutting were done simultaneously!”

Helaine Kobrin, retired principal

“He used four colors with The Palette, rather than the “highlight-lowlight” technique. The results were FANTASTIC- my entire head shone with color, looked even more natural than it had before (which I did not think was possible), and has a depth to it like never before! It was also quicker than the foil process.”

Cathy Glover, lawyer

Photo of a beautiful hair look created with the Geo Palette system

Photo of another beautiful hair look created with the Geo Palette system

“I’m hounded by clients asking me, ´Where did you get your color done?’ My hair has never looked better using George Mennella’s new color system, The Palette.”

Patti Kreiner, director of Pilates Equinox

“Simply put, using The Palette, my hair has never looked better! A terrific bonus of the Palette is that it takes much less time with better results than the highlights I got in the past. I regularly get stopped with, ´I love your hair! Where did you get it done?’ Now I just carry his card and smile as though it is the first time I’ve been given such a compliment.”

Sharyn Oginz, retired businesswoman

“The Winders are…wonders! I left the salon that day with confidence, adorned with larger, shapely curls in blonde and golden hues. Using the Winders on my curly hair has brought out the brilliance and curl so that my hair glows with color and depth!”

Bara Swain, playwright, grant-writer

“My hairdresser, George, developed a new method of hair coloring called “The Palette”. So I decided to try it. Originally, there were three plastic palettes which George proceeded to use, one palette at a time, painting my hair with a variety of shades.”

“Now for the results of this process: “It’s awesome!” The subtle variation of color, shading, and intensity is absolutely beautiful. It’s not the usual two-shaded contrast from foils or any old fashioned method of coloring hair.”

“Everywhere I go, and I mean everywhere, I am always stopped and complimented on my hair.”

Rochelle Honigsfeld, secretary

hoto of a beautiful blonde hair look created using the Geo Palette Hair System

Photo of a beautiful blonde hair look created using the Geo Palette Hair System

“The look was much more elegant than the “foils” I’m accustomed to. Twenty minutes under the dryer and I was ready for a rinse and blow out. The time savings were impressive, but the results were even more so! The color is spectacular and I think perfectly complements and even enhances the cut. I don’t think I’ve ever had a color and cut that were so well paired.”“Some ancillary benefits to The Palette, which may not have been considered by the inventor, are related to safety, comfort, and neatness. Accustomed to leaving the salon with a few new dark moles caused by splattered dye on my pale, paper-thin skin, I found no new growths after this visit. The torture of the itchy hair-shirt was also gone. The sense of unease that always accompanies razor cutting near my slightly protuberant ears was gone.”

“Best of all, I was able to put on my glasses (never allowed with foils) and enjoy reading my novel while the color processed. The Palette would both beautify and protect me. I love it!”

Pat Luppino, computer specialist and concert flutist

“As a dark brunette used to single process color just to cover gray, I could not have been luckier the day I fell into the talented hands of Antoinette Benincasa using George’s innovative Geo Palette!”

“I had been thinking about going lighter and a bit afraid having no idea what to expect and wanting a natural look. As George intended, this truly is an art form and Antoinette painstakingly painted my thick hair, creating a blend of beautiful and subtle colorings. It wasn’t until my hair was dried and styled that I fully appreciated her eye and talent. I love the colors she selected and every day depending on how I wear my hair, see new variations. I’m getting many compliments on my hair, and also people saying how wonderful I look, not realizing what I did differently. I think that is a great testament to Antoinette’s expertise. I’m hooked.”

“In the middle of July, normally the worst time of year for my curly and frizz-prone hair, I got the Three Tiered Treatment. Even with this year’s heat waves and humidity, while I wilted on the subway, my hair was PERFECT!” Following our Three-tiered Transformation: Geo Palette color, keratin, and our own revolutionary curl softening technique

Andi Jompole, Creator/Director of S’more Smoochies

Photo of a beautiful hair look created with the Geo Palette system

Amazing cut and hair color using the Geo Palette system

“I absolutely love how the Geo Palette three tiered curl management, color and keratin transformed my hair from being curly, frizzy, and dull to shiny, straight, and I love the color! I can’t thank George enough for making me love my hair. The best is waking up in the morning and not having to fuss with it and it looks great.

Donna Cintio, businesswoman
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Geo UNBOUNDED! A whole new way…

Photo of a beautiful hair look created using the Geo Palette Hair System

Geo UNBOUNDED! A whole new way…

As a salon owner, what will the Geo Palette Hair System do for my business?
Offering a new service creates tremendous excitement in the salon itself, and with your clientele. The Geo Palette Hair System is a revolutionary, smart system that will boost interest in your salon. As an owner, you stand to enhance your revenue stream by attracting new clients and upgrading existing clients. In addition, your staff need not look elsewhere to stay motivated. The System rejuvenates from within. As a salon owner, you can create a department within your salon for Palette Artists, hairdressers who have been trained in the System.

Imagine creating a specialized Palette Artist department, which can range from one chair to a full salon. The Geo Palette Hair System works easily with your existing furniture and equipment. Our industry is an exciting one. However, for the past few years, there has been a lull. Hairdressers want something new, and hair coloring has emerged as the new frontier. The Nassau Museum of Art in New York has recognized the Geo Palette Hair System as art. The Geo Palette Hair System is the new buzz. The System is not a fad but it is a tool to create fads. Fads create interest, fun and excitement — components that have made our industry so successful. The Geo Palette Hair System has the potential to revolutionize the beauty industry by bringing a creative evolution of new technology to existing traditions.

The Geo System will astound the salon professional with the creative options it offers. The more difficult and intricate the color and cut, the better and quicker the Geo System delivers. You’ll be able to apply four, five, six colors at a time to achieve the multi-dimensional looks clients love, faster and easier. George Mennella’s system makes the salon professional’s job easier and, at the same time, a great deal more interesting. As salon owners, we are always looking for ways to strengthen our bottom line. The Geo Palette Hair System is the vehicle to do it.

Check out the links below to see what people are saying about the system:

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Geo BRUNETTE! Simultaneous form and color = a new revenue stream.

Photo of beautiful brunette hair looks created using the Geo Palette Hair System

Geo BRUNETTE! Simultaneous form and color = a new revenue stream.

What are the benefits of using the Geo Palette Hair System?
Fusing the two processes of cutting and coloring into one compresses the time in which the client sits in the chair. Paradoxically, the longer an intricate color pattern takes to apply using the conventional methods, the quicker it takes using the Geo Palette Hair System. Now, Palette color artists can achieve outstanding results more efficiently and economically.

The Geo Palette Hair System piques client interest. The client can observe the “process” by glancing up and seeing the application of color take place. And any odor from the hair color is directed upward, reducing any unpleasantness. Additionally, with the Geo Palette Hair System, there is virtually no mess, and the “take down” is quick and easy. The client will be excited to tell her friends and family about her new salon experience.

The Geo Palette artist has the potential to successfully create new high-end price structured services as well as performing efficiently at any price range, and totally exceed client’s expectations. Costs increase when the client wants a customized Palette, for her own use only, imprinted with her color and/or haircut pattern. Ordered, maintained and purchased through the salon, the client/salon relationship is strengthened. Pricing is also adjusted when the client desires more intricate patterns with a greater number of colors. Once the process is complete, the hair is shampooed, treated, dried and finished, and she is out the door with compliment-worthy results. Most importantly, the System is environmentally friendly. The palettes are reusable and not discarded, as are foils.

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Geo BLONDE! Achieve any result imaginable.

Photo of beautiful blonde hair looks created using the Geo Palette Hair System

Geo BLONDE! Achieve any result imaginable.

Why should a salon professional use the Geo Palette Hair System?
The Geo Palette Hair System is an exciting new approach to both hair coloring and cutting. With this system, complex multi-dimensional results are achieved with better understanding in less application time. Using the individual Geo palettes, hair design can now be approached on separate and independent geometric planes. The Geo Palette Hair System artist, trained and certified in the system, applies color and cuts the hair using the visual perspective the System allows. The experienced Geo Palette artist can accomplish the process of cutting and coloring in approximately half the time of traditional foil and cutting methods.

Using the Geo Palette, all boundaries of conventionality are eliminated. Using the conventional method, hair is sealed up in foil, out of sight, and the colorist has to “track”, remember and then guess the color placement. With the Geo System, the palette artist can see where the various points of interest and detail are. Because the hair is always visible and never hidden, 3-D, holographic color results emerge. The palettes on which the hair rests allows the salon professional to easily place and balance color and shape the hair to create unparalleled finished looks. The Geo Palette Hair System elevates the process of hair coloring and cutting to a new art form. It has the potential to both enhance client satisfaction and salon revenues. With the Geo System, “If you can think it, you can achieve it.”

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Geo RED! Make every head a work of Art.

Photo of beautiful red-haired looks created using the Geo Palette Hair System

Geo RED! Make every head a work of Art.

Letter from the museum declaring the Geo Palette process one of artistry

Nassau County Museum of Art

Dear Mr. Mennella,
The demonstration of the art of the Geo-Palette has been absolutely amazing. To watch the tiers of hair layers being “painted” in the varied colors – from light to dark or dark to light was a unique presentation. The application of color on the tiers of the individual plastic palettes was akin to watching an artist paint in his studio. The entire process was one of artistry, and being a museum person, was very special to watch.

Of course, observing the entire layering, in this instance four separate layers, and then seeing the end product, is a culmination of any process and that was fantastic. The varied colorations and highlights within the hair as the model turned her head was amazing and uniquely different. It was natural with tones yet one could see that the process could be used for a more dramatic look, one that would easily be accessible for the fashion and theatrical worlds as well as the world of the beauty salon.

What a special treat you afforded me to see this most unusual art process to help women enhance their beauty. I can definitely endorse the Geo-Palette as one of artistry and another source to bring out a woman’s loveliness.

Sincerely yours,
Constance Schwartz
Director Emeritus
Nassau County Museum of Art
One Museum Drive
Roslyn Harbor, New York 11576
(516) 484-9337

See the actual letter below:
Museum Letter

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