Color Component Level 2

Level Two continues the architectural approach, building the look from the bottom up, learning advanced patterning beyond the conventional, working with multiple tonalities, and gaining a deeper understanding of Palette science. It takes the colorist from the mechanics of conventional color to the fine art of the Geo Palette Hair System with more tools to work with. The new functionality of formulations goes beyond delivery of results.

Overview of Color Component Level II Education and Certification

  • learn advanced patterning
  • learn broadstroking and the use of less subsectioning
  • learn how to work with multiple tonalities ad how colors can affect and enhance each other
  • learn how to manipulate the movement of light with color
  • learn how to work with the handheld palette, brim palette and other palette shapes
  • gain deeper understanding of Palette science
  • how to enhance shape and form with color
  • how to enhance the clients’ face and head structure with color
  • learn the latest and newest nanotechnology in professional
  • hair color products, what the manufacturers won’t teach you!
  • Restoration: How to maintain the look of the palette in between the Full Geo Palette Service.

Check out the different Modules available:

All of the modules deliver the same education and certification process, with DVDs, resource binder, and registered access to the Geo Palette professional website for distant learning, any time, any place, at any pace. The difference between the individual Modules is investment cost outlay, which pertains to the quantity of specific items included in the initial purchase.

The Module order page will list the pricing and all items included in each unit. The biggest savings and value for your investment is in the initial purchase of any of the Modules, detailed under the title and price on their respective description page.

To begin, fill out the GeoPalette Education Application Form and fill it out completely. The minimum deposit, which will be credited toward your purchase, along with a copy of your current cosmetology license, must be included and delivered to the company via email, regular mail, or fax. Upon receipt, we will begin processing the order and application.

Any questions about the program purchase, call 516 374-1490 and ask for Jude, fax 631 385-1436, email us at: or message us on Facebook at Geo Palette or contact us online.