Photo of beautiful red-haired looks created using the Geo Palette Hair System

Geo RED! Make every head a work of Art.

Letter from the museum declaring the Geo Palette process one of artistry

Nassau County Museum of Art

Dear Mr. Mennella,
The demonstration of the art of the Geo-Palette has been absolutely amazing. To watch the tiers of hair layers being “painted” in the varied colors – from light to dark or dark to light was a unique presentation. The application of color on the tiers of the individual plastic palettes was akin to watching an artist paint in his studio. The entire process was one of artistry, and being a museum person, was very special to watch.

Of course, observing the entire layering, in this instance four separate layers, and then seeing the end product, is a culmination of any process and that was fantastic. The varied colorations and highlights within the hair as the model turned her head was amazing and uniquely different. It was natural with tones yet one could see that the process could be used for a more dramatic look, one that would easily be accessible for the fashion and theatrical worlds as well as the world of the beauty salon.

What a special treat you afforded me to see this most unusual art process to help women enhance their beauty. I can definitely endorse the Geo-Palette as one of artistry and another source to bring out a woman’s loveliness.

Sincerely yours,
Constance Schwartz
Director Emeritus
Nassau County Museum of Art
One Museum Drive
Roslyn Harbor, New York 11576
(516) 484-9337

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Museum Letter