What do you think came first? The haircolorist cap or the use of aluminum foils to color hair?


The use of aluminum foils for hair color came before the colorist cap. The cap was patented in 1949 and aluminum foils were being used in the 1930’s.

George Mennella was working on an 80 year old clients’ hair back in the 1990’s. It turned out that she used to be a Wella colorist in the 1930’s and 1940’s and she told him that they were using foils way back then.

See the patent for the colorist cap below. As you’ll see it was filed in 1949.

Go green and find your alternative. Just pick up a palette, color hair, rinse and reuse. Good for the environment and better for your clients’ hair.

Did you know that most colorists use 50-60 foils on a half head of hair and usually use 100-120 foils on a full head of hair?