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Hell’s bells for the film called “Elle”!

I rarely stand up and applaud a movie, and it’s even rarer that I “boo” one. But that’s how I felt when I finished watching Isabelle Huppert in ELLE, a movie about a woman who is assaulted, befriends her rapist, and lures him back to get raped again. I won’t give away the ending. But she’s in charge, sort of. I hated every character in it.

Which makes me wonder, if a narrative stays with you, does it mean you’ve experienced great filmmaking? No for Elle, and yes for the poetic/elegaic/hopeful/hopeless Moonlight, which has haunted me for weeks with its themes of connection, poverty, race bias, gender bias, and humanity.

Elle could possibly win an Oscar for best foreign picture. Ms Huppert certainly deserves one, and I heartily hope that she writhes on the floor and rids herself of the damages done as I hear she exorcised her demons in a past movie that she had completed. (Okay, you can see that I’m more Oscar the Grouch than Oscar award winning when it comes to THIS film.)

Of course, getting one’s hair colored is a different matter.  Viva the Geo Palette, with its reusable plastic Clearview subsections and no ph-altering foils. Get hair color that stays. Color that deserves applause. Oscar award caliber. No “boos”,  ever. -JC

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Inspiration or perspiration?

I’m not always inspired. And if I wait for that ping of electricity to penetrate my brain, that eureka called “an idea”, it may never come.

May I recommend sheer, hard work. Pen to paper. Or fingers to computer. If you’re writing, don’t complete that paragraph…leave something for next time, so that you can avoid writer’s block. Painting, just start doodling, or paint the mailbox with flowers.

Always have materials handy. Take a class. Go to a museum. Walk in the garden. But do the work. Inspiration won’t always make you move your fingers over the keyboard.

Colorists…try the Geo Palette if you’re bored with foils. Paint hair on Clearviews. Use the handheld palette for a touch of balayage, a soupcon of color.

Force yourself. Creativity arrives like a surprise present. Embrace it, and start over tomorrow.

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Ugly models…or are they?

Ugly modelWaiting for one of our models at the entranceway to the International Beauty Show, I watched the guards pick out and direct them. “Model?” the security man asked a tall washed out girl. She nodded, and he let her in.

“Model?” he asked an awkward giraffe with a pimple on her chin.

She silently moved past him.

“Model?” he said to a skinny girl with poor posture.

“Yup,” she said, breezing by him.

Later, with hair and makeup, tight clothes and skyscraper heels, they rocked it. A light was switched on, in their demeanor, their stance, their faces. Their transformation was complete, from plain to spectacular.

Great hair color will do it. Red lips or smoky eyes. Turn your brights on. -JC

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TRANSFORM YOURSELF…not necessarily the TRANS-JENNER way, but…

Hands On Learning in the Geo Palette Hair SystemI believe in change, although it brings me a dollop of fear. But every time I make the move and fight the fear, it is usually a good thing.

Bruce Jenner can’t help going public, the trans-Jenner way, with his recent transformation, because his family is so public. We can make fun of it, or question it, but it’s not a butt implant or a facelift, and the public can be very cruel. All of you naysayers, can’t you see a hint of bravery in a man who transforms himself from an Olympic star into a Tootsie?

There are easier ways to transform yourself. Colorists, transform your professional life with the Geo Palette Hair System. People, transform your hair color from pretty highlights to gorgeous multi-dimensional color.

We are beyond Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and there is nothing sensational about it…except for your hair color.    -JC

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When I was a little girl, I was terrible at coloring…

Waterproof carrying caseWhen I was a little girl, I was terrible at coloring. My sisters were better at hopscotch and scrabble, and they always stayed inside the lines of the coloring book. My hand wandered.

When I entered college, I had dreams of writing, not art. Never art. How could someone who couldn’t color inside the lines ever become an artist?

But I was drawn to painting. I took one class called “Form and Expression”, and the professor placed three sacks of sand on the concrete floor. I got out my box of watercolors and began. Reds. Yellows. Cobalt blue. He held up my painting, full of color that didn’t exist in those plain burlap bags. “This picture gives off a feeling of joy,” he said.

I transferred into the art school that afternoon.

The Geo Palette Hair System will infuse you with the same joy of painting that I experienced that day. Get out your paint brushes, colorists. Embark on an adventure in hair coloring that will change your professional life.

As it did mine.

Art is a commonality shared by colorists around the world. Visit us at the IBS and share the creative tools that George Mennella and the Geo Palette Hair System offers. Artists unite! Try the Geo Palette and paint your way to sublime hair color, unlike any other. -JC

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Is Beauty only Skin Deep?

selfieone I have met many beauties in my day…but the minute a  gorgeous lady opens her mouth, with a racist  comment or a violation of the soul, she is rendered  downright ugly. Of course, if her hair looks good, it might take a little longer for her ugliness to come into focus.

So get Geo Palette Hair color…you might be ugly on the inside, but you will look more beautiful on the outside for waaaay longer!   Superficial beauties may apply. -JC

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The HAIR-cademy Awards

share-5Not much competition when it comes to the hair color of our Oscar nominated Best Actresses!

Let’s see. We have Reese Witherspoon’s faded highlights, befitting an ex-heroin addict and sweaty hiker. Thumbs down.

What about Felicity Jones as the patient and exceptional wife of physicist Steven Hawking? Plain brown, no pizazz.

Julianne Moore has more to worry about than her hair color, as a woman discovering that she is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Totally forgivable.

Marion Cotillard is too busy saving her job to worry about her hair. But not a good look.

Which leaves us with the perfect Rosamund Pike, whose mere crime (spoiler alert) is to set up her unsuspecting husband as her murderer, only to return and force him to live with a madwoman for the rest of his life…who happens to have great hair.

So the Hair Oscar goes to: Rosamund Pike for her perfect blond highlights. If her stylist had only suggested the Geo Palette, she might have been a shoe-in for the Best Actress Oscar she is NOT going to win.
Only kidding, except to remind you that the Geo Palette Hair System gives award winning hair color! -JC

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Hair Color: a New Art Form

IMG_0143 Check out the art show at the Brooklyn Museum: Stilletos!
Check out a new art form in coloring hair: the Geo Palette Hair System, at the IBS on March 8th,       9th, and 10th at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC. .Get your creative juices flowing!

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How I have changed: is it all in the eyebrows?

Jude: then and now When I look back at old pictures of me in the sixties, I laugh at my caterpillar eyebrows. Plucking was not fashionable, and my face was mustachioed! Yes, we had a certain wild child charm, but look at the face of today: all depilated or contoured eyebrows, waxed, threaded or lasered, with false or chemically enhanced eyelashes. It’s okay by me. I don’t like needles, and forget the scalpel. I figure my lashes and brows are my facelift.

Ah, but my hair. I can get my glory so easily with Geo Palette color. Without going under the knife.

Colorists, look for us at the IBS on March 8, 9 and 10, at the Jacob Javits Center. Try the system and bring creativity back into your professional life.

Future clients, check out my hair color and lashes. I’ll see you there.  -JC

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James Brown: the Godfather of Soul

James Brown singer

The Great James Brown

Listening to some of James Brown’s band members…master trombonist, Fred Wesley, for one, James was a perfectionist, and yes, the hardest worker in show business. Christmas off? Maybe once in a while, but they were underpaid, and sometimes not at all, working every day and all day “until James got tired.” What came through the interview was their high regard for his artistry, that he could make a good band great, a mediocre melody totally new. He made his mark, time and again, despite the troubling reports about his abuse of women, despite the fact that his mother and father had abandoned him, despite his oddball politics…he was an artist.

Watch the special on HBO about the Godfather of Soul, on tonight. We need to remember what came before rap, what led the way in popular music, what we still go back to.

While you are at it, make your mark in hair color. The Geo Palette Hair System strives for perfectionism in the world of hair color…creative, innovative, cutting edge, whether it’s conventional or outside the box. Jimi or James, Basie or Ella, Mozart or Bach, Picasso or Modigliani, they all made a name from perfecting their art. Take the leap and get Geo Palette color.  -JC

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