Hooked on Breaking Bad? You know the feeling of awe and wonder at the writing, acting, and cinematography. We love the two minute snippet that pulls us into each episode, starting with an image that pulses through the show, whether it’s a stuffed animal’s eye, a trickle of blood in blue water, or a pair of broken spectacles. We love Jessie. Walter White? Not so much.

Speaking of Breaking Bad…the Geo Palette Hair System is fabulous at breaking bad habits like stripey highlights, a dull finish, the same old ashy blond, or a carroty red look. Break into great color with the most revolutionary new color system to hit the hair industry. The Geo Palette, by George Mennella, a bad-ass master colorist and inventor, will excite and intrigue! Google it. Get it. Blondes, brunettes, and redheads! Your image will thank you. -JC