Clearviews (50 ct pack)

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The New Alternative to using Metal
Specially cut reusable film designed to enclose and protect your color mixture from individual hair sections. Ideal replacement for foils. The PETG material is designed to push all the essential ingredients into the hair and keeps the cuticle compact as well. These are a fiber protective material and their shape makes them easy to work with on all parts of the head. The material does not affect the PH of your mixture. They are easy to put in. No bending required.

New and improved
We have a new design on the Clearviews. Everyone is really liking them. All Clearviews now come with a 20 degree angle on the serrated side. This tiny change opens up a lot of avenues. Everybody at the salon likes working with them like that. They are very versatile now. They fit even better with the head and the new geometry.

Each order contains 50 Clearview strips.

Please note: The picture and videos below show the older version of the Clearviews but when you order the Clearviews now, you will get the new and improved angled design. You will really love them.

Clearviews Hair products

The Clearviews in place for processing.


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Geo Palette Clearviews

Here George Mennella is shown using the Clearviews on top of a Geo Palette.

Using and Caring for your Clearviews

How to Rinse them off the head after installation and Care for them and Cleansing them: 1, 2, 3 sequence

  1. How to install them
  2. Rinsing the Clearviews off the head after they’ve been installed and processed
  3. Cleaning, Maintaining and Storing the Clearviews

Clearview Testimonial

Clearviews (50 ct pack)

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