Everything starts with an idea. Back in the eighties, George Mennella began a group of creative experiments. An avid underwater photographer, a scuba diver, a hair stylist, a traveler, and a collector of arts and ideas, George had the notion of creating a standing lampshade. The hair industry was full of experiments in hairdressing…hair resembling hats, baskets, and other sundry items. The Lampshade Girl began to take shape. George found a tall leggy model, gave her blond highlights, cut the top off a hat and stuck it on her head, pulling her hair through the middle so that she looked like a human lampshade. A body stocking, a wire, and a lamp chain attached to her ear completed the picture…a standing lamp. Cutting her hair evenly around so that it draped past the rim, George illuminated the hair with light and took pictures to record the gleaming colors. A series of photographs documented the effects and took root in his imagination. Like the Salvador Dali painting of human furniture, the dream had begun.

Color and light, interacting with each other…George had an epiphany. A few weeks later, he made prototypes out of oaktag, and began experimenting with hair color, painting it on models adorning their cardboard hats. The concept worked. But the eighties was a time when multi-coloration and tonality was not popular. The foil technique had not yet reached its pinnacle. Breaking out the Palette would have made the process a novelty rather than a breakthrough, and George decided to wait, experimenting privately with mannequins and models, never in the public realm. But he knew the formula worked.

Over the years, during the eighties and the nineties, George began learning the technique of dry cutting hair. Around the same time, he began a series of underwater photographs, using his niece and a model, giving them waterproof makeup, sitting a styling chair at the bottom of his swimming pool with the model seated. The hair took on a certain celestial look, with his niece holding out a hair dryer, blowing locks of floating hair. George hung the group of photographs on the salon walls.

Years passed, but the idea of horizontal geometric planes on a human lampshade or a mermaid in a pool began to gel in George’s imagination. The science of dry-cutting married to the science of coloring on geometric planes eventually became the Geo Palette Hair System, the first process to fuse coloring and cutting at one time. The Palette was born.


All our professional stylists have been trained and certified as Palette Color Artists by the creator, George Mennella, and can deliver unique results to clients. All client expectations have been exceeded by the Palette experience, which is on its way to revolutionizing the industry.

George Mennella

Founder and Creator

George Mennella has helped develop and train numerous stylists and colorists into successful professionals. With a strong background in engineering, science, and the arts, George’s passion for experimentation and creativity has led him to many exciting new discoveries.

He is one of the first to customize & implement cross industry techniques & practices to spark unique creative results. George’s boundless energy and continuous stream of ideas positively influences the people around him while he remains humble, amusing, and eager to learn. His passion for the hair industry, one of many, has allowed him to achieve a master’s level in the art of hair, while creating a master’s degree in hair design which George calls “Living Art”.

Fernando Barone

Certified Geo Palette Artist

Fernando Baron, a master at the John Sahag dry cutting method, partnered with George Mennella as art director and right hand man over fifteen years ago. Holding a degree in art history from Baruch College, he became passionate about the fusion of hair color and art, when George first created the Geo Palette Hair System. He devotes his efforts to the pairing of fine art and palette color, as well as the art of dry cutting, while maintaining a huge client following.

Judith Caseley

Creative Director

Judith Caseley, author and illustrator of over forty books for children, first experienced the Geo Palette Hair System as a client. Her passion for the System increased as she witnessed the creative merging of fine art and hair color, and watched the phenomena burst onto the hair scene. She began writing and blogging for the Geo Palette website, and continues to flaunt the best hair color on the planet.


``After having my hair dyed using The Palette, I can’t imagine going back to foils. It’s comfortable and easy, and I have never loved my color as much as I do using this system. The cuts are incredible too! Getting my hair cut on the Palette gave me beautiful layers, and great volume.``
Jessica Swain
“The Palette color illuminates my whole face and makes me feel sexier and more confident. My hair is fresh, youthful, and totally fun. When I got home, my mom was like, “You look like a celebrity!”
Caroline Barth
Swimming instructor
“I did the Paletting, and I hadn’t realized that the layers of color were very natural, yet special. At the pool club, people came up to me daily, telling me that I should definitely keep this color, as it was fabulous. And The Palette took almost half the time, since coloring and cutting were done simultaneously!”
Helaine Kobrin
Retired principal
“He used four colors with The Palette, rather than the “highlight-lowlight” technique. The results were FANTASTIC- my entire head shone with color, looked even more natural than it had before (which I did not think was possible), and has a depth to it like never before! It was also quicker than the foil process.”
Cathy Glover