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Charlize Theron gains fifty pounds for role as mother…I eat a roll and gain five.

I just saw a zahtig Charlize Theron in Tully, a movie about the torture of having an infant and being pulled in every direction and overeating and sleep deprivation and depression, but don’t get me started. I told my pregnant daughter to avoid watching it at ALL COSTS.

Charlize gained fifty pounds for the role, because that’s what she does. She gives her all. She confessed that the weight gain was brutal, and that the overdosing of sugar and processed foods made her fall into a deep depression. I fall into a deep depression when I gain two pounds, just looking in the mirror, so I feel for her.

But when I got my color done the other day, and a fresh cut and blowout, despite the fact that I judged myself staring at my reflection, wearing the slice of pizza I’d eaten the night before, I felt like a million bucks.

So go for the Geo Palette Hair System, get pristine color with Lumetrix and George Mennella, and you won’t see the weight gain. You will simply see gorgeous hair.

Charlize, on the other hand, is skinny again. I will have spinach and a piece of palm-sized chicken for dinner. -JC

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Happy endings when we need them…


I recently went to the movies to escape. A thriller where the mom, played by Naomie Watts, saves the day. Halfway through the movie I was crying my eyes out. George was too, in a manly way. Twenty four dollars to go into mourning? The movie redeems itself with a happy-ish ending, but the damage was done. Which begs the question: do we need happy endings when we are young AND when we are getting older?
For the best happy ending in hair color, get Geo Palette color. No foils so no hair damage. Sublime results. No tears halfway through. Compliments to follow. JC

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Thanks for Applying

Thank you for submitting your online application form.

We will be in touch with you shortly.

Make sure you send in your application and processing deposit of US$125.00 with a copy of your cosmetology license, by check, money order, or credit card, online or by phone, which will be applied to the cost of the Geo Palette Hair System Color Component Level I Modules: Essentials, Essentials Plus or Premium.

Balance of payment due upon notification of shipment. Orders will be shipped upon receipt of payment in full. Shipping and handling is additional.

Make your $125 payment out to:

Geo Palette Hair Systems
and mail it to:

The Geo Palette Academy
158 Carman Road
Dix Hills, NY 11746

Call us and ask for Jude for more information: 516.374.1490

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Has your roommate ever asked you if she could smudge your house?

Mine did. Apparently my grandmother touched the back of her head last night, and Grandma died fifteen years ago.  I told her, “Go for it. Burn those herbs and purify that space.” But Grandma was a force to be reckoned with…funny, feisty, and adorable. So smudge away, roomie, but if we’re lucky, she will haunt us forever.

Cast out any bad hair experiences with the Geo Palette Color System: color that surpasses any conventional coloring. Forget the chunks, the stripes, the highlighted patterns. Natural, subtle and simply fabulous, “smudge” your hair with the Geo Palette, and evil color spirits be gone. Or call us at Bewitched Salon to schedule an appointment with a Geo Palette artist. 956 Broadway, Fresh Meadows, NY. Burning herbs not required. -JC

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Is that you, Steven Tyler? I’m wearing your feathers…

Steven Tyler, Woodstock, hippies, who the heck knows the reason for feather frenzy?  Kasha put a pale yellow feather in my hair, and I woke up singing cock-a-doodle-doo to my coffee. Okay, I lie, but the deli man complimented my feather extensions, and clients love it, too.

Can a woman of a certain age sport a feather? Absolutely. Developing a style that matches the personality is what makes us unique. Not everyone will like my turquoise nail polish, but who cares? Being modern is feeling young, and feeling young is everything.

Be unique, and get the Geo Palette Hair System, a revolutionary new way of coloring hair that makes the highlight look like it belongs back in the sixties. Goodbye stripes, hello subtlety, brilliance, and prismatic shine. For the hippest young thing or a hippy older woman like me. You’ll love the buzz, getting totally radical color that is totally beautiful. Call us for an appointment at Bewitched: 516 374-1490. 956 Broadway, Fresh Meadows, NY.

Get Geo Palette color, and while you’re at it, how about a feather? Because birds of a feather flock together in the quest to look your best!  -JC, (C for corny?)

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Hurricane hair? Bewitched is ready for you…

I waited on line for gas today, ten cars deep,  only to be told that super high test gas was left at $100 a gallon. They were out of milk AND water at the supermarket. Batteries were a thing of the past. Flashlights? My my, the man at the hardware store has a hearty laugh. A wet vac? Maybe next month.

I have the hurricane blues. But after Jasmine blew out my hair and my Geo Palette color glowed and clients complimented my shiny tresses,  I felt like a million dollars. Slightly overweight, but still, a million dollars. I found milk at Rite-Aid, borrowed a wet vac, took my rocking chairs off the porch, and fervently hope that all our friends will sail through Hurricane Irene’s havoc without too much hardship.

So next week, when the waters calm, come into Bewitched for a hurricane makeover…get the Geo Palette Hair System, only at Geo Palette certified salons, with George, Nichole, Jennifer, Alice, or Antoinette.

Or ask for MariaLisa at Bewitched in Woodmere, NY, for dynamite Palette color if 956 Broadway in Woodmere, New York isn’t close enough. Once you get the Geo Palette, you’ll travel miles, and never go back to traditional highlighting.

Autumn awaits, and so does glorious color that will knock your socks off and make Hurricane Irene a distant memory.

Goodnight, Irene. Hello Bewitched and superb revolutionary color. 516 374-1490 Check out our website at -JC

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Newsflash: ‘The Situation’ is being paid NOT to get the Geo Palette!

Bewitched Salon in Woodmere, NY, flagship salon for the revolutionary new color system, the Geo Palette, has hopped on board theAbercrombie & Fitch train. We are paying The Situation, Jersey Shore star Michael Sorentino, an undisclosed amount of money NOT to get the Geo Palette.

Our clients have requested that we remove ourselves from unsavory elements that fib, shmush with a different girl every night, and don’t study any Italian despite a six week trip there.

Not to mention that he makes millions of dollars giving young people a terrible message: that being famous for doing nothing is living well.

Okay, we’re not giving him anything.

But we at Bewitched invite you to try our Geo Palette Color System. The results are superior to the foil/highlight, and your color will never look better. J Woww, Snookie, Sami, and Dena, are you listening? or call us at 516 374-1490 to schedule an appointment. And yes, some of us love watching the Jersey Shore. We just don’t want to live it. -JC

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Slut walking: What do you think?

I’m sure the Toronto policeman whose remark about women who dress like sluts inviting unwanted advances (read sexual abuse) is astounded by the movement he inadvertently caused: the slut walk.

A series of protests in which scantily dresses women take to the city streets makes the statement that women should be able to wear whatever they choose without being fearful. Our bodies, our choice, and no one has the right to make a move or a touch without our consent.

So if your daughter leaves the house with the word “slut” written across her cheek, don’t despair. We march for the cause that stirs our passion, don’t we?

On a lighter note, if you will allow me, I march for fabulous color. The Geo Palette. I’m on my umpteenth Palette, and when I hit the streets, I’m bombarded by compliments. Call me at 516 374-1490 for an appointment. Color better than the traditional foil. Nothing written on my cheek….yet.

The message? Looking fabulous.

Visit our flagship salon, Bewitched Salon at 956 Broadway, Woodmere, NY for color by our certified Geo Palette artists! Also available at Bewitched in Woodmere, Beehive in Islip, and C3 in Port Washington.

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In praise of the older woman who doesn’t want her picture taken: until the Geo Palette

We have some beautiful young college students coming in and out of Bewitched. I take note of their pure complexions, their slim bodies, their confidence. They look gorgeous and they’re never bored,  with their phones cradled in their hands like little bibles that soothe and entertain.

I take their pictures, before and after the Geo Palette Color System, and their beauty shines through, enhanced by the Palette but ever present before their hair is colored so beautifully.

I am a woman “of a certain age”, and when I try and take an older woman’s photograph, I get…”Not my face.”

But I see their beauty in their eyes, their lives etched lightly onto their skin, their cares carried across their shoulders, their triumphs revealed in a simple brilliant smile.

Yesterday, two women got the Geo Palette, and went from “attractive older women” to simply gorgeous. It’s not in the way they look, mind you. It’s in the way they feel.

Get the Geo Palette. Feel good about yourself. It’s that simple. Come to Bewitched at 956 Broadway for a Geo Palette consultation. Or call us for an appointment at 516 374-1490.  If you don’t want to leave your colorist, send him or her here. We have workshops all the time so that a salon can become certified in the Geo Palette Hair System: transformative beauty that will make you pleased to get your picture taken. -JC

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Lying to yourself? I am.

I was standing on line in the supermarket holding my favorite sweet fix…dark chocolate pomegranates. They cost a fortune, but a friend introduced me to them, and I’ve been addicted ever since. Hey, it beats heroin, gambling, and alcohol, doesn’t it?

The very thin lady in front of me smiled (maliciously), and said, “That’s for chocolate addicts that think they’re eating something healthy. They’re lying to themselves.”

Reading the label,  I answered her weakly, “They’re a natural source of flavanol antioxidants.”

She snorted, and walked off.

So today, I bought a new bathing suit. “It looks beautiful on you,” the saleslady told me.

It does, if I don’t move a muscle, I answered.

So she lies, and I lie, and we all lie, don’t we?

Now ask yourself if your hair looks the best it can possibly look.  Look really hard, past the highlights and the lowlights and the over-processing and the roots. Does it, really?

Then come and get a Geo Palette, the most exciting, fabulous hair color ever, a system that surpasses foils: the results are brighter, subtler, with more shine and movement and more variation.

If you get the Geo Palette, you don’t have to lie to yourself about the results. You will leave our salon a more gorgeous blond with as many as four or five shades that look sun enhanced, a richer brunette with gleaming low lights, or a more radiant redhead with vibrant tonalities. Just look in the mirror.

Call us for an appointment. 516 374-1490, or stop in for a consultation at 956 Broadway
Woodmere, NY 11598.

Other palette certified salons include C3 in Port Washington, Beehive Islip, and Karisma in Tampa.

After your Geo Palette, don’t ask me how you look in your bathing suit. But ask me how I like your hair. No lies, I promise. Because I won’t have to. -JC

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