Level 1


Color Component Level I involves learning how to work with the Geo Palette Hair System methods, mechanics and tools in order to expand your knowledge from conventional hair color application processes. You will learn how to replicate a variety of results by applying the System to your routine and using new tools and techniques. You will challenge your hair coloring skills and speed the learning process about hair color.

Level 2

Education & Certification

Level Two continues the architectural approach, building the look from the bottom up, learning advanced patterning beyond the conventional, working with multiple tonalities, and gaining a deeper understanding of Palette science. It takes the colorist from the mechanics of conventional color to the fine art of the Geo Palette Hair System with more tools to work with. The new functionality of formulations goes beyond delivery of results.

Level 3


Level Three is the culmination of delivering the Palette look: be it movable, holographic, or multi-dimensional. The colorists own free thinking and creativity allows the artist to create his own total vision of patterning, formulation, color enhancement and design…his particular brand of dynamism.