Photo of beautiful brunette hair looks created using the Geo Palette Hair System

Geo BRUNETTE! Simultaneous form and color = a new revenue stream.

What are the benefits of using the Geo Palette Hair System?
Fusing the two processes of cutting and coloring into one compresses the time in which the client sits in the chair. Paradoxically, the longer an intricate color pattern takes to apply using the conventional methods, the quicker it takes using the Geo Palette Hair System. Now, Palette color artists can achieve outstanding results more efficiently and economically.

The Geo Palette Hair System piques client interest. The client can observe the “process” by glancing up and seeing the application of color take place. And any odor from the hair color is directed upward, reducing any unpleasantness. Additionally, with the Geo Palette Hair System, there is virtually no mess, and the “take down” is quick and easy. The client will be excited to tell her friends and family about her new salon experience.

The Geo Palette artist has the potential to successfully create new high-end price structured services as well as performing efficiently at any price range, and totally exceed client’s expectations. Costs increase when the client wants a customized Palette, for her own use only, imprinted with her color and/or haircut pattern. Ordered, maintained and purchased through the salon, the client/salon relationship is strengthened. Pricing is also adjusted when the client desires more intricate patterns with a greater number of colors. Once the process is complete, the hair is shampooed, treated, dried and finished, and she is out the door with compliment-worthy results. Most importantly, the System is environmentally friendly. The palettes are reusable and not discarded, as are foils.