Waterproof carrying caseWhen I was a little girl, I was terrible at coloring. My sisters were better at hopscotch and scrabble, and they always stayed inside the lines of the coloring book. My hand wandered.

When I entered college, I had dreams of writing, not art. Never art. How could someone who couldn’t color inside the lines ever become an artist?

But I was drawn to painting. I took one class called “Form and Expression”, and the professor placed three sacks of sand on the concrete floor. I got out my box of watercolors and began. Reds. Yellows. Cobalt blue. He held up my painting, full of color that didn’t exist in those plain burlap bags. “This picture gives off a feeling of joy,” he said.

I transferred into the art school that afternoon.

The Geo Palette Hair System will infuse you with the same joy of painting that I experienced that day. Get out your paint brushes, colorists. Embark on an adventure in hair coloring that will change your professional life.

As it did mine.

Art is a commonality shared by colorists around the world. Visit us at the IBS and share the creative tools that George Mennella and the Geo Palette Hair System offers. Artists unite! Try the Geo Palette and paint your way to sublime hair color, unlike any other. -JC