Dear Student,

The Geo Palette Hair System is a complete revolutionary breakthrough in which hair professionals can achieve unique results, every time.

This Program is designed to introduce the cosmetology student to new techniques and tools to expand creativity. The ease of comparative learning, or tool substitution is used. Based on the knowledge acquired in the school curriculum, the student can use this System to achieve a greater understanding of the curriculum, and the implementation of the Geo Palette Hair System and its components, with excellent results.

As a student, you have gained essential knowledge in hair color and its application, including multi-dimensional color techniques using foils, paper, etc. to achieve specific results. Substituting Geo Palette tools and techniques will teach you how to use the new tools to achieve the same or better results than what you are currently achieving with conventional practices. Once you know how to do this, you will understand how the Geo Palette tools work, and gain insight into the use and understanding of the art.

The sequences within the Geo Palette Hair Color Educational Program have been developed for the Professional to gain a clear understanding of how to successfully implement the System in  shortest period of time. The Color Component introduces the cosmetology student to how new tools and techniques are used and prepares the artist for forward growth. As a companion to the promotional DVD and online videos, the workbook details the application of the new techniques in both text and visuals. The emerging Palette Artist will also have access to a student website for support that includes podcasts, streaming video pertaining to the creative techniques, and more in-depth review segments. Additional pages of information will become available for download and inclusion in the workbook. Best of all, online access provides the emerging Palette Artist the opportunity to learn all about the System, at his or her leisure, from any remote location. Using the newly acquired module, the Geo Palette team will train participating students in the concept, use, and implementation of the Geo Palette System.

The hands-on workshop, which includes Geo Palette team members and students who have purchased their module (either by presale or at the time of the workshop), provides experiential learning in the use of the system in a breakout class. When the workshop is completed by the student, and the process is understood, they will be eligible to receive the Certificate of Completion.

Introduction to Hair Coloring for Students

Download the Hair Coloring Intro pdf by clicking here:  Introduction to Hair Coloring

Cosmetology Student Program

A Creative Journey Of Discovery

The Geo Palette Hair System Cosmetology Student Module contains the necessary tools and components to heighten creative experimentation through comparative learning. By applying knowledge and skills learned in school to an artistically exciting approach, the stylist can achieve great hair results and have fun, as well!