Getting Started

The Geo Palette Hair System Educational Program has been developed for the licensed professional to achieve a clear understanding and the successful implementation of the System in the shortest period of time. We begin the education program as a Geo Palette Color Artist with Color Component Level I. The color aspect is easier to see, easier to follow and easier to understand, making it an optimal place to start.

Click below to view the three modules available for your choice:

All of the modules deliver the same education and certification process, with DVDs, resource binder, and registered access to the Geo Palette professional website for distant learning, any time, any place, at any pace. The difference between the individual Modules is investment cost outlay, which pertains to the quantity of specific items included in the initial purchase.

The Essentials Module allows you to service one client at a time. The Essentials Plus Module allows you to service two clients at the same time. The Essentials Premium Module is equivalent to a mini Geo Palette Department and allows you to service three or more clients at the same time

To begin, fill out the online application form or download the PDF of the GeoPalette Education Application Form and fill it out completely. The minimum deposit, which will be credited toward your purchase, along with a copy of your current cosmetology license, must be included and delivered to the company via email, regular mail, or fax. Upon receipt, we will begin processing the order and application.

Download Getting Started PDF