Advocacy Program

A program created for the individual student who is passionate about hair and who meets the requirements to be an advocate for the Geo Palette Hair System within the student roster.

The student advocate will be trained more intensively in the art and science of the Geo Palette Hair System, and will become more involved with educating team members. The advocate is selected using specific criteria, the main characteristic being attitude. Attitude is everything.

After participating in the workshop class and qualifying for artistic certification, the student will complete the Geo Palette Advocacy Application. Once the student is interviewed and selected for the program, he or she must train, learn, and use the System, as well as share and help other students with their Geo Palette skill sets. The advocates must be able to answer questions, use the Geo Palette tools to create their own looks, and promote the benefits of using the System to students on a daily basis. Once accepted, the Geo Palette advocate receives everything necessary, free of charge.

Student Advocate Application

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Student advocates will be reviewed and coached periodically for quality assurance. They will also participate in industry shows, i.e. the I.B.S., at salon demonstrations and distributor educational functions. This will insure maximum industry exposure for the benefit of the individual and his or her professional career, as well as moving the Geo Palette Hair System forward.