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If you are a Geo Palette Salon and you don’t happen to see your Geo Palette Salon on our “Find a Professional” page, then please fill this form out to add your salon on to the Geo Palette site.

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Please use the form on this page to add your Geo Palette Salon into the “Find a Professional” search engine.

If you let us know your salon information, we can then add you onto the Geo Palette site where clients can find you and find out that you do these services. Let us know what you’re up to and what types of things you’re doing with the Geo Palette and the Clearviews. Share your photos, news or other stories. You can share photos with us by letting us know who you are and sending them to or saving them to our facebook page:

We plan to share your information onto a large tv network and online whenever we get the chance.

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