Photo of beautiful blonde hair looks created using the Geo Palette Hair System

Geo BLONDE! Achieve any result imaginable.

Why should a salon professional use the Geo Palette Hair System?
The Geo Palette Hair System is an exciting new approach to both hair coloring and cutting. With this system, complex multi-dimensional results are achieved with better understanding in less application time. Using the individual Geo palettes, hair design can now be approached on separate and independent geometric planes. The Geo Palette Hair System artist, trained and certified in the system, applies color and cuts the hair using the visual perspective the System allows. The experienced Geo Palette artist can accomplish the process of cutting and coloring in approximately half the time of traditional foil and cutting methods.

Using the Geo Palette, all boundaries of conventionality are eliminated. Using the conventional method, hair is sealed up in foil, out of sight, and the colorist has to “track”, remember and then guess the color placement. With the Geo System, the palette artist can see where the various points of interest and detail are. Because the hair is always visible and never hidden, 3-D, holographic color results emerge. The palettes on which the hair rests allows the salon professional to easily place and balance color and shape the hair to create unparalleled finished looks. The Geo Palette Hair System elevates the process of hair coloring and cutting to a new art form. It has the potential to both enhance client satisfaction and salon revenues. With the Geo System, “If you can think it, you can achieve it.”