“George is truly amazing as a person and a hair professional! The color of my hair is subtle and beyond beautiful!” —Gail Hechtman-cohen

“I have never loved my color as much as I do using this system. The cuts are incredible too! Getting my hair cut on the Palette gave me beautiful layers, and great volume.” —Jessica Swain, actress

“Love my newly paletted/ cut hair! Gorgeous colors!” — Joanne Berke Misher

“I’ve always been amazed by your devotion, Geo Palette – Genuinely a pioneer – love your work, bro! Always a pleasure!” —George J. Horton

“The technique is absolutely amazing, the results are unmatched and there is no mess!! Shouldn’t all of you coloring tools be reusable? Not just your bowls and brushes right?! The GeoPalette lets you create show stopping color in half the time and with the best tools for the job!!! I am proud to say that I am a Certified Geo Palette artist and team member!! Who’s ready to take their color to the next level?” —Andrene Stubbs, Geo Palette Hair Artist, Booking.OmegaHair@gmail.com

“I LOVE using the Clearviews. You can see everything that’s going on and they’re better for the hair.” —Kate Lyne, hairdresser

“This is a transformative technique!! I love how I can use this to create unique, color customizable, prismatic cuts & architecturally built, 1-of-a-kind styles!!” —Nas the Stylist, Geo Palette Hair Artist

“The Geo Palette eliminates all the boundaries of conventional hair color design making even the most intricate patterns of multi-dimensional hair color designs easier to achieve, more time friendly, and creative. The subtle variation of color, shading, and intensity is absolutely stunning and beautiful. And the visual impact while using the Geo Palette excites and piques everyone’s interest.”

“As a salon owner, stylist and colorist, we’re always looking for new ways to create stunning color effects, grow our income and strengthen the bottom line. The Geo Palette color and design system is the vehicle that brings a new technology and technique to existing traditions. With the Geo Palette both natural and dramatic runway looks can easily be achieved by a ‘Palette Artist’” —George Caroll / Hollywood Hair Stylist
George Caroll, hair stylist

“I had a client who insisted on me trying the palette system on her. Since George and his team set me up with some educational information as well as some of the tools I was able to recreate the look pretty well on her. (George’s work on me was much better). I can’t thank George enough or praise his work and his team enough!! George is one of the good ones on earth.” —hairdresser

Clearview Testimonial

Kate Lyne uses Geo Palette Clearview subsections!

Team Geo Palette

Barbara is back from her travels for Geo Palette color!

Dry-Cutting Hair

Dry cutting while coloring hair with the Geo Palette Hair…