The future is now!

The Geo Palette Hair System® cosmetology school student modules are the ultimate tools to keep students creatively challenged, inspired and excited while enhancing the learning process of their curriculum, with many added benefits.

The energy and creative artistic approach of the Geo Palette will pique everyone’s interest at the school, from top to bottom, especially the students, and the clients that they service. Like going from the hooded dryer to the hand-held blow dryer, advancement = opportunity.

The Geo Palette will:

  • integrate into any school curriculum without changing anything; it is totally synergistic and easy to use
  • cause a positive surge in attitude, creative thinking and interaction, and new pathways to great results
  • hyper-accelerate student learning with a clearer understanding of hair color services, formulation and application education


Some benefits of the System are:

  • a clear view of everything at once, eliminating guesswork
  • understanding patterning and formulation in a new light
  • education in the System to both directors and teachers, leading to expanded or advanced classes
  • a leading edge for participating schools in the recruitment of new enrollees or students, and seeding the rewarding contemplation of specialization
  • compatibility with any and all manufactured products
  • encouraging teamwork and focusing on cooperative competition
  • enhancement of graduate employment opportunities with the added services and skill-sets they can offer prospective salon owners, increasing production value and revenue
  • availability of educational streaming for schools via the Internet.

A Geo Palette Day

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Introduction to Schools

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