Every Monday, my daughter, niece, sister and I indulge in our guilty pleasure, watching the Bachelorette. As I watched Desiree tell Brooks, “I love you,” after he had just confessed that he wasn’t madly in love with her, I thought, “Whaaaaa?”  Why give him the satisfaction?

And as the two of them hugged and cried, and cried and hugged, and she said, “Don’t,” when he said he was sorry, I thought, “Do bitches have more fun?” And when Brooks told her that he didn’t miss her enough when he was away, shouldn’t Des have said, “There’s the door. I won’t miss you either.”?” Brooks confessed that love is heightened by a smidgeon of pain, no? Watching them gave us plenty of it!

Do bitches have more fun? Blondes do, when they get Geo Palette color, fabulous hair color that surpasses the traditional highlight. Brunettes do, with a richness and subtlety that is unrivaled. Redheads love the Geo Palette, with spice and aubergine and crimson blends. Dimension and shine. What more do we need for a rich life, besides money?

Desiree: come and get the Geo Palette. There are other better boys out there that will run towards you, not away.

(But he is cute, isn’t he?)

The Geo Palette. Hair as living art.  Call 516 374-1490 or google us. -JC