I didn’t expect to love Michelle Williams’s portrayal of my favorite movie legend, Marilyn Monroe. I expected to be dismissive.

Instead, I was entranced. I believed her power to seduce everyone in sight, except for Sir Laurence Olivier, who dismissed her with the words, “Do what you do best. Act sexy,” or something like that, offensive and careless.

I believed Julia Ormond, who played Olivier’s wife, Vivian Leigh, sobbing in front of the rushes that showed Marilyn’s younger beauty, reflecting on the loss of her own.

I believed Eddie Redmayne playing Colin Clark, in love with Marilyn and totally in her power, his eyes lit from within whenever he saw her.

I sat in my seat as the credits ran, teary and nostalgic, carried back to my teen years reading the headlines that Marilyn Monroe had died.
Marilyn and Michelle had bewitched me once more, for an hour and a half of cinematic bliss.

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