I just saw Ridley Scott’s The Counselor, and watched a death scene that rivaled one that has haunted me since I was a child. In Never Give an Inch, Paul Newman’s friend is trapped by a log as the waters rise, and they try to move it. At first, they’re joking around. At the end, Paul is blowing air into his friend’s mouth with a straw. Oh, the horror. But in Prometheus, Mr. Scott has his pregnant protagonist perform her own caesarian. What did I expect? So watch The Counselor with gritted teeth and more than an ounce of amazement. For such a talky film, interjected with Breaking Bad-like Cartel nastiness, I was mesmerized. But let’s talk about Cameron Diaz, looking oh so hard at 41, (not to mention, making love to a car), and Penelope Cruz, looking gorgeous at 39. If Penelope has had work, I choose her surgeon. But Cameron needed a Geo Palette color and cut, to soften her hardness and take ten years off her age. Her body was fine. But Penelope had a softness, a femininity, a dewiness that dazzled. Yes, she was portrayed as the good girl. But she had good hair as well. So Cameron, we love you. But get the Geo Palette Color System. You will not regret it. www.geopalette.com.   Call Bewitched Salon for a Geo Palette consultation. Trump Cameron until she gets around to it.