Sitting in the Angelica Film Center on Houston Street, an ad for perfume appeared on the screen. The beautiful model was driving off in a sleek expensive looking car, and my companion murmured, “That’s a Lamorghini,” as if he were talking about heaven on earth.

As the lights went down, a woman tapped me on the shoulder. “Where do you get your color done?” she asked. I pulled out a card and handed it to her.

As the film began, I had time to think. “The Artist” is brilliant, a present day silent hommage to the cinema with no dialogue, but a shot of caffeine is order, ahead of time. Bugattis and Lamborginis and Ferraris danced through my head. I was pleased that the woman behind me liked my hair.

That’s when I realized that Ferruccio Lamborghini, Ettore Bugatti, Enzo Ferrari and George Mennella, inventor of the Geo Palette Hair System, have a common lineage. Luxury cars/top of the line hair color like no other in the world. And all of them born in Italy.

For the Lamborghini of hair color, come to Bewitched Salon in Woodmere, NY. Call us for an appointment at 516 374-1490. Take the drive of your life with George Mennella, MariaLisa Mennella, and other Geo Palette certified artists. -JC