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Geo Palette will be at Booth #3331, located under the Avena Banner. We will be having show specials and more. Come and see the live demonstrations and meet us in person. We are excited to show you some cool techniques.

Saturday, June 23: 11:00am-6:00pm
Sunday, June 24: 10:00am-6:00pm
Monday, June 25: 10:00am-4:00pm

Las Vegas Convention Center
3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV 89109


Mark your calendars – IBS Las Vegas 2018 takes place June 23-25. The International Beauty Show Las Vegas is the fastest growing event in beauty, boasting more than 21,600+ beauty professionals! Attend IBS Las Vegas to learn new skills, refine your techniques and stock up on all of your salon and professional needs. Packed with education, excitement and inspiration, IBS Las Vegas delivers what you need to enhance your career.

  • More than 100 educational classes FREE with admission ticket
  • A packed exhibit hall with 350+ top beauty brands
  • Products and tools at professional-only pricing
  • Show-stopping Main Stage performances from some of the industry’s top talent
  • FREE admission to the largest spa show in the country, IECSC Las Vegas

IBS Las Vegas attendees are:

  • Eager and driven salon owners & beauty professionals
  • Serious beauty professionals looking to learn new techniques and refine current skills
  • Ready to purchase products and meet with new companies


More than 100 educational classes taught by industry heavy hitters provide the latest in hair, nails, makeup and business – FREE with your paid exhibit hall ticket! Education tracks like; Hair: Technique Focus, Hair: Barber Focus, Makeup: Artistry & Income, The Art of Nails, The Business Side of Beauty and Product Focused classes help take your career to new heights.

And, for those interested in a more tactile experience, we offer Hands-On Workshops and Master Classes – comprehensive workshops which require an additional fee.

Stay tuned for next year’s class and workshop lineup!

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Weigh in on the theory: Charlize Theron plays Marilyn Monroe




Charlize Theron as Marilyn Monroe? The mind boggles. Let’s compare. Tall and statuesque Charlize at 5′ 10″, versus smaller and curvier Marilyn at 5′ 5″.

  If anyone can do it, Charlize can. She won the Academy Award playing serial killer, Aileen Wuornos, in Monster, a sizzling agent in Atomic Blonde, and alpha heroine, Imperator Furiosa, in Mad Max, and so many more. She has acting chops.

 Laurence Olivier was famous for insulting Marilyn with his gaffe, “Try and be sexy”. She didn’t have to try. She simply turned on a switch and the camera fell in love, projecting her beauty, vulnerability, and innocence. She is one of those icons loved by men AND women. But damn, Charlize looks good!

And if she can pull off the essence of Marilyn, the vulnerability, the tremulous voice, all will be well.

But they have to get the hair right!

And so do you. Ask for the Geo Palette Hair System, integrated with the new technology of Lumetrix Hair Color, to achieve spectacular results. Your hair color is your crowning glory. Marilyn Monroe will never be forgotten. Charlize Theron will triumph. But the hair  has to be perfect. And so does yours. 

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Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event

Premiere Orlando Beauty Event

Premiere Orlando Beauty Event

Come and see us at Premiere Orlando the International Beauty Event of the Year!

We’ll be at Booth #1873.

All Day Free Hands-on Training and Demonstrations on both the Geo Palette and the Clearviews.

If you plan to attend the show, just send us your contact info now to and we will include you onto a VIP’s gift rewards list for the show. We’ll give you a trial size package of Clearviews, sizes: Sm, Med., & Large, available for free to pick up at our show booth in Orlando.

The Premiere Orlando Show is located at the Orlando/Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

$75 Artisan Palette

Show Special Deal

Orlando/Orange County Convention Center – West Complex
9800 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

Show Schedule
Sunday, June 4, 2017
Exhibit Floor Open 9:00am – 6:30pm

Monday, June 5, 2017
Exhibit Floor Open 9:00am – 5:00pm

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Was it my shape or my hair color?

I was trying to cross a busy street to get to work, and a truck stopped to let me pass. Smiling, I pointed in the other direction, as another truck and several cars were speeding down the road. The second truck stopped as well.

Must be my short skirt, I thought, quite pleased with myself. But as the first vehicle passed, the driver called out, “Nice hair!”

He had a discerning eye, because I had just had my color done.

Not to be excluded, the other driver rolled down his window and said, “Keep smiling!”

I had to laugh. My hair. My smile. It had nothing to do with my short skirt at all.

But I do love my Geo Palette color. My hair looks healthier, the color more brilliant, and that makes me smile. -JC

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Inspiration or perspiration?

I’m not always inspired. And if I wait for that ping of electricity to penetrate my brain, that eureka called “an idea”, it may never come.

May I recommend sheer, hard work. Pen to paper. Or fingers to computer. If you’re writing, don’t complete that paragraph…leave something for next time, so that you can avoid writer’s block. Painting, just start doodling, or paint the mailbox with flowers.

Always have materials handy. Take a class. Go to a museum. Walk in the garden. But do the work. Inspiration won’t always make you move your fingers over the keyboard.

Colorists…try the Geo Palette if you’re bored with foils. Paint hair on Clearviews. Use the handheld palette for a touch of balayage, a soupcon of color.

Force yourself. Creativity arrives like a surprise present. Embrace it, and start over tomorrow.

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Kate Moss makes fun of herself in new film…but Stella McCartney has the best line!

A friend and I saw Absolutely Fabulous on the big screen. We laughed hard at Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders… hysterical as they rolled their eyes and injected themselves with Botox as easily as they applied their lipstick. The cocaine snorting and drinking to excess didn’t make us want them to go to rehab. We were in the funny zone. They wobbled in their high heels, comical queens at fashion shows and the Riviera as they made absolute fun of themselves.

Kate Moss was the goddess of the film, “killed off” early to the horror of the fashion world. She reigns supreme, drinkng champagne with her perfect Kate Moss lips, emerging from the Thames like Botticelli’s Venus, only way thinner.

Lulu arrives, along with Joan Collins, Jon Hamm, and a cast of celebrities that I’d like help naming, but I’m too close to Eddy and Patsy in age to remember.

Go with a friend and have more than a few laughs. Then go for drinks and get catty about super model Kate. She’s still got it. 

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Premiere Birmingham Show

Mark your calendars, we will be back at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex from October 25 & 26, 2015 and we will have some of the industry’s newest products all under one roof. This page will answer most, if not all of your show questions. Please click on any of the boxes below.

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Premiere Beauty Classic Show 2015

Mark your calendars, we will be back at the Greater Columbus Convention Center from October 11 & 12, 2015 and we will have some of the industry’s newest products all under one roof. This page will answer most, if not all of your show questions. Please click on any of the boxes below.

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How I have changed: is it all in the eyebrows?

Jude: then and now When I look back at old pictures of me in the sixties, I laugh at my caterpillar eyebrows. Plucking was not fashionable, and my face was mustachioed! Yes, we had a certain wild child charm, but look at the face of today: all depilated or contoured eyebrows, waxed, threaded or lasered, with false or chemically enhanced eyelashes. It’s okay by me. I don’t like needles, and forget the scalpel. I figure my lashes and brows are my facelift.

Ah, but my hair. I can get my glory so easily with Geo Palette color. Without going under the knife.

Colorists, look for us at the IBS on March 8, 9 and 10, at the Jacob Javits Center. Try the system and bring creativity back into your professional life.

Future clients, check out my hair color and lashes. I’ll see you there.  -JC

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Lillie Langtry, Beauty, and Kim K.

I’m watching an old British series about the professional beauty/actress, Lillie Langtry, born in Jersey to parents who believed in higher education for their daughter. Dressed in a plain black mourning dress, her beauty and wit made the aristocracy take notice, particularly the Prince of Wales. Painters made portraits of her, photographers clamored and she even made one of the first advertisements using her image for Pears Soap.

She became an actress not because she had a strong calling to do so, but because she needed money to maintain her lifestyle. She was mobbed wherever she went.

Much like Kim Kardashian. Except that Lillie held her own in conversation with Gladstone, the prime minister, knew about art, music, literature, and politics. She was beautiful, yes. An opportunist, possibly. Well read, absolutely.

Kim is sweet and successful. A professional beauty of a different kind. You spot the differences.

Lillie went on to become an American citizen so that she could obtain a divorce, owned race horses, performed in vaudeville, and died in Monaco after living a rich life. Lillie left her mark.

Kim has left her mark as well, along with her family. But it’s a different kind of mark.

Go to for hair color that is one of a kind. Like Lillie. Call 516 374-1490 for an appointment, or consult one of our Geo Palette salons in Texas, California, Florida, or New York. Leave your mark. -JC

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