Hands On Learning in the Geo Palette Hair SystemI believe in change, although it brings me a dollop of fear. But every time I make the move and fight the fear, it is usually a good thing.

Bruce Jenner can’t help going public, the trans-Jenner way, with his recent transformation, because his family is so public. We can make fun of it, or question it, but it’s not a butt implant or a facelift, and the public can be very cruel. All of you naysayers, can’t you see a hint of bravery in a man who transforms himself from an Olympic star into a Tootsie?

There are easier ways to transform yourself. Colorists, transform your professional life with the Geo Palette Hair System. People, transform your hair color from pretty highlights to gorgeous multi-dimensional color.

We are beyond Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and there is nothing sensational about it…except for your hair color.  www.geopalette.com    -JC