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The Solution to a Woman Sweating…

I am feeling sorry for myself, propped in front of a fan that isn’t giving me relief. Too hot to clean. Too hot to do yard work. My car is out of commission.

My friends know that I never sweat. I am sweating.

So I get a ride to the mall. I don’t like malls much, but it will do.  I have a cool drink at Starbucks while I wait for a pedicure. The area smells….air conditioned. And when I am greeted by my Korean manicurist, in all my white russian paleness with my patina of, well, perspiration, what does she say?

“I love your hair color.” Damn. That’s the Geo Palette Hair System. Great color, even when you’re in a sweat. I guess it should have put me in a good mood sooner. -JC

Colorists: go to for info about the system, and soon to be available starter kits so that you can learn the best new color system available to the hairdressing industry. Your clients will love it, and so will you. Or call 516 374-490 for an appointment in Woodmere, NY to get the Geo Palette. No sweat. Just gorgeous.

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Transform your hair color from DANDELION to ROSE with the Geo Palette

Now that our gardens are blooming again, let me plant an idea in your head about fabulous hair color that will make your own unique beauty blossom.  What am I talking about? Take your hair color from ragweed to roses—and try our new Geo Palette Hair System for hues that surpass conventional techniques with their multi-dimensional color and shine.

We’re taking the Geo Palette Hair System to Los Angeles,  CA,  on June 8th and 9th! Colorists, visit us at the Energizing Summit (the Marriott LAX), the premier coloring convention, for Geo Palette info and kit-buying. Or look for us at Blush Salon and Spa in WoodlandHills, California on June 11th…contact for a seat! You will love it, and so will your clients. or call us at 516 374-1490 for an appointment with a garden of gorgeous hair color!

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Geo Palette Hair Color: does art imitate life?

I was washing a handful of blueberries for breakfast (in an attempt to beat back memory loss), and I was struck by the beauty of it: the cool water, the deep blue of my hasty manicure blending with the hue of the blueberry. My morning thrill.

Let’s face it. Living in the moment is the best way to keep the vagaries of life at bay…and just for a few moments, I drank in the sight of my simple masterpiece.

The Geo Palette will paint your hair like art imitating nature. It can be as natural as the sunshine, or it can become a Fauvist painting, a Futuristic dabble, even an Impressionistic gem. Hair as art, imitating nature. Call us today at 516 374-1490 for your own personalized hair art at Bewitched Salon in Woodmere…you will love it.

Or check out our website at to view our gallery of “hair as living art”.  -JC

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Does your hair color have a HANGOVER?

Have you ever visited your hair salon, asked for brand new color, and gone home and cried? Tequila doesn’t help. An attack of blindness might…but your friends will let you know that your color sucks, won’t they? And bad color in daylight spells disaster.

Try something new for spring: the Geo Palette Hair System. It’s fabulous color that lasts longer than a highlight, is kind to the environment, creates multi-dimension in your hair, and won’t give you a hangover! Daylight is your friend, and so is the mirror.

Geo Palette color: a cure for hair hangover.  The only drink you’ll need is to celebrate! Call 516 374-1490 for an appointment with one of our Geo Palette Colorists.

Celebrate spring at Bewitched in Woodmere, NY with a hair transformation! Check out for more information. One marguerita and fabulous color? Perfect. -JC

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And the Oscar for hair color goes to: The Geo Palette!

I didn’t mind Seth as much as many FB people did. As one approving viewer said, “The Oscars is turning into a Family Guy episode…that’s GREAT! And didn’t Seth sing well?
Hair was mostly old Hollywood, long waves that framed the face or that sweet sloppy look that looks homemade but isn’t.
The only bun I didn’t like was Kristin Chenweth, who was dwarfed by everyone until she sang. Her voice said, “I’m huge,” and her neck said, “Hide me next time.”

Hair color didn’t stand out, except perhaps for Jessica Chastain’s, whose red lips saved a dress that was the same color as her skin.
Extreme thinness ruled. Check out the movies of the thirties and forties for meatier beauty.
For meatier hair beauty, I suggest you get a Geo Palette….multi-dimensional, vibrant, gorgeous color that would have been crowned by an Oscar, every time., or call 516 374-1490 for an appointment at Bewitched. If your hair salon doesn’t use the Geo Palette, send your colorist to us. It’s award-winning, and you will be, too. -JC

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Get naked! But color your hair…

Nudity. Is it bad? Airbrushing. Is it fair? Back in 1814, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres painted La Grande Odalisque, a romanticized nude inspired by the Orient. He elongated the model’s back and torso to fit his image of the ideal female form. Critics said that she looked boneless. Ingres could have cared less, and his own vision of beauty reigned.

Does nakedness equal vulnerability? Maybe if someone surprises you in the buff. Naked hair, however, devoid of color and richness and shine, is not a pretty sight. We suggest you fix it fast!

Color your life with the Geo Palette Hair System…multi-dimensional hues that will enhance your life AND your hair. You won’t feel vulnerable. You will feel wonderful.

Be the next Grande Odalisque…your hair will reign supreme. or call Bewitched Salon in Woodmere for an appointment to get the art of hair color.

516 374-1490 -JC

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Back in the fifties, we guarded our virginity. It was our honor. Back in the sixties, we gave it away. It was a hindrance.

Then came Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton, and we got all confused. What was virginity, after all?

Today, it’s tossed in the air like a tennis ball, back and forth, with sexting, cyberbullying, and posting pics without your knowledge. It’s still a shrine, for a small few, but has lost its luster in a world of sexual internet images.

Now a hair color virgin is something else.

Lose your virginity at Bewi’s in Woodmere! Go from mousy brown to lustrous mahogany, dull wheat to sweet honey, flat red to rich aubergine. Nothing could be easier, and your ethics won’t be compromised.

No regrets, virgins. Get revolutionary color with the Geo Palette System. or call 516 374-1490, at Bewi’s in Woodmere, NY, for the adventure of a lifetime. Your parents won’t mind, and if it’s posted online, your reputation won’t be ruined. -JC

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Weeding out friends….and HAIRDRESSERS!

Demi Lovato is quoted as saying, “I weeded out friends who didn’t have my best interests at heart.” Several years ago, and fifty years older, Phyllis Diller did the same thing, well before she passed away. Weeding out the negative, and surrounding herself with the positive, living in the moment so that the everyday minutiae was precious…it’s great advice for everyone.
So when I took my daily walk this morning, I admired the palette of autumn leaves that anointed the sky with color.
I greeted the blue jay with, “hello, mom!”, convinced that its’ small soul was really my mother, who passed away years ago.
I thanked my hairdresser, because a passerby had complimented my hair color.
Which brings me to weeding out what isn’t good for us…too much liquor, re-runs of reality t.v., the person who criticizes our very being, or the stylist who gives us orange highlights that compete with the pumpkins at Halloween, when we asked for light blond.

Weed out the stylist with the ego not to correct a mistake. Weed out bad hair color!
Note to those who have hair color that’s BLAH…Make an appointment for the best hair color on the planet, the Geo Palette Color System!  Call Bewitched Salon in Woodmere, NY at 516 374-1490, or come in for a consultation with MariaLisa, Nikki, or George Mennella, the Geo Palette creator. Take a deep breath, and weed out the old. Get the Geo Palette, color that surpasses the traditional highlight in depth, shine, and dimension.  Revel in the positive! -JC

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Older and boring? Not at OUR salon…

An article in the NY Times talked about women of a certain age getting bolder hair color…no boring Upper East Side hair for them. One stylist dubbed the trend an “I’m having fun” kind of energy, with clients dipping pieces of hair in parrot-like colors. Hurrah for them!
And hurrah for us! MariaLisa Mennella at Bewitched Salon in Woodmere, NY  has been painting pieces of color on some of her sixty, seventy, and eighty year old clients, not to mention younger ones, for several years. It’s young, fun, and liberating. 

Her uncle, George Mennella, has invented a new color system, the Geo Palette, that colors hair in not one or two colors, but three, four or five. With its’ beautiful dimensionality and tonality, more and more older women are seeking out a system for coloring hair that elicits compliments with exclamation points!

Try it by calling 516 374-1490. Ask for the Geo Palette or a few pieces of heavenly color…George and MariaLisa Mennella will give you that bold, edgy style to make you feel and look years younger. -JC

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Your butt too big? Photoshop it.

I don’t know about you, but I’m thankful for the J-Lo’s and Kim K’s of the world, with their world famous derrieres that are “larger than life”.  Hurrah for the big booty that’s “booty-ful!”

But photoshopping out problem areas has become the norm, where lines, dips and hollows are miraculously erased, and fifty year old stars look like twenty year old ingenues. Human beings, (read “real women”), cannot compete.

Except for the hair. With the Geo Palette Color System, your hair will become younger, more vital, more dimensional, more fabulous than ever before. Sample the range of colors we offer…gorgeous blonds in several shades from honey to platinum, rich brunettes ranging from plum to chocolate, redheads that dazzle with luxurious copper iced with deep burgundy. Endure the compliments, with no photoshopping necessary, ever ever ever.

Visit Bewitched Salon in Woodmere, NY or call 516 374-1490 for an appointment to get the most beautiful color on the planet., Geo Palette kits available for salon colorists everywhere by December.

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