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Drama in your life: are you addicted to it?

I don’t like confrontation, and try to avoid drama. So when an acquaintance screamed like a lunatic at me, spittle hitting my chin, I was a deer in headlights. “Hit me,” she said. “Go ahead and hit me.”

“I don’t hit,” I told her, wondering where my screening skills had gone when it came to weeding out crazies.

For welcome drama, get your hair colored with the Geo Palette Color System. Dramatic color that surpasses conventional highlights, dramatic contrast that lasts and lasts…no sparring or spitting, just gorgeous hair color. Call 516 374-1490 for an appointment to get world class color, without a beating. And you won’t have to wipe the spit off your chin.

See or look for the Geo Palette on Facebook. Salons are being certified in the Geo Palette…get revolutionary hair color now.

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Why is Vinny depressed on the Jersery Shore? NEWSFLASH!

Poor Vinny, jumping out of his skin, anxious, depressed, and unable to sleep. Could it be that the reality of his reality show has begun to sink in? That partying and the famous GTL, gym, tan, laundry, may not be enough as a way of life?

Vinny has goals. He wants to be an actor, and knows that he comes from a “place of negativity”, as he puts it, smack in the middle of the Jersey Shore, with idiots like The Situation polluting the neighborhood.

Maybe he knows that it’s time to grow up, and leave what feels familiar and safe.

Take a tip from Vinny, and leave what feels safe when it comes to your hair color.

Ditch your hair reality and those stripey foil highlights that actually dull the hair. Leave your hairdressers behind unless they learn the Geo Palette, a revolutionary hair color system that surpasses the highlight with its fabulous results.

Take a chance, like Vinny Guadagnino. Jump ship and get the best color on the planet by calling 516 374-1490 for an appointment with beauty.  Visit Bewitched, at 956 Broadway in Woodmere, NY, or any Palette-certified salon. -JC


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Addiction: what are you giving up for 2012? Not the Geo Palette.

I recently watched a program about giving up addictions…not hard core heroin or sex twenty times a day, but things like candy, soda, shopping, and Facebook.

The psychologist suggested forcing yourself to eat a candy bar at four o’clock, every afternoon. It seems that making yourself eat it will take the pleasure away.

So I tried it, but I liked it. Like a cup of tea in the afternoon, my candy bar became a habit. I switched from a Milky Way to a Three Musketeers for fewer calories, and cursed out the psychologist for my new four o’clock habit that I have to break.

For an easier fix, become addicted to your hair color and try the Geo Palette…color better than drugs or candy bars or even great sex. Because it lasts for months. Go to for information, or visit a Geo Palette certified salon to satisfy your craving for fabulous color. No aluminum foils that dull your hair, and compliments galore! Call 516 374-1490 for an appointment at Bewitched, or visit any Geo Palette certified salon that welcomes your addiction. -JC

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Are creative people more likely to cheat? Oy vey.

A new study conducted by researchers at Harvard and Duke has found that creative thinkers are more likely to cheat. Dr Francesca Gino tells us that “creativity makes people more morally flexible.” Hmmm.

Physically, the word flexible is no longer part of my vocabulary. And as a creative person, I plead the fifth.

But for a fabulous new year,  I urge all of you to get your creative juices going, and cheat on your hairdresser. Start 2012 with an explosion of fabulous color, and get the Geo Palette. Your stylist may be upset with you. But your hair won’t be.

For a more ethical way, urge your hairdresser to get trained in the Geo Palette Hair System. Your conscience will be clear, and your stylist will be ecstatic. No foils, a green system, and the best color ever. How can you go wrong?

Happy New Year from the Geo Palette. Cheaters welcome at Bewitched Salon in Woodmere, NY, Beehive Islips, C3, Port Washington, and Karisma, Florida. More to follow. -JC

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Once upon a time, there was a young lady…

Once upon a time, there was a young lady who gave and gave. She gave to her friends who were in need. She gave to her parents, who had already given to her. She gave to the planet, which had served her so well.
She was all given out.
Pale and wan, she walked into Bewitched Salon, in the little town of Woodmere.
“I’ve given and given,” she said to the color professionals. “My hair is dull and lifeless. I can’t give any more.”
“We know what to do,” said the Bewitched color therapist.
They had her sit on a throne, and gave her fresh coffee and festive cookies. They painted and colored, cut and styled, and the Geo Palette transformation was done…glowing color like never before. She radiated light and beauty, and floated out of the shop, ready to resume her holiday festivities.
Give yourself the gift of the Geo Palette. Renew your spirit, and enhance your hair.
And happy holidays from all of us at Bewitched Salon.
Make an appointment to get Geo Palette color at 516 374-1490. One of Santa’s elves will answer. -JC

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If Coco Chanel was a Nazi collaborator, do I buy my daughter Tempting Beige Blush by Chanel for Hanukkah?

Three books have come out about Coco Chanel, and Sleeping with the Enemy by Hal Vaughan makes me wonder if I should buy my daughter the Chanel blush she wants for Hanukkah! Her love affair with Baron Hans Gunther von Dincklage, a Nazi spy, makes a girl wonder, doesn’t it?

Does it give us enough cause not to buy a Chanel lipstick? Or a purse, for that matter?

She grew up hard, in an orphanage, and smart, in business, an opportunist in a hard scrapple world. A friend of Winston Churchill, but sleeping with the enemy…was it just a late affair with a much younger man who happened to be a Nazi? Three authors of recent books about Chanel’s personal life seem to disagree.

Perhaps we’ll never know the truth. But we do know the truth about fabulous hair color…the best ever color you will have in your life. Get the Geo Palette, at Bewitched Salon in Woodmere, or at palette certified salons. No politics involved,  just top of the line color, better than a highlight and green, to boot.

Call 516 374-1490 for an appointment. Or visit us at Bewitched, at 956 Broadway, in Woodmere, NY.  -JC

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The Lamborghini of Hair Color: Geo Palette

Sitting in the Angelica Film Center on Houston Street, an ad for perfume appeared on the screen. The beautiful model was driving off in a sleek expensive looking car, and my companion murmured, “That’s a Lamorghini,” as if he were talking about heaven on earth.

As the lights went down, a woman tapped me on the shoulder. “Where do you get your color done?” she asked. I pulled out a card and handed it to her.

As the film began, I had time to think. “The Artist” is brilliant, a present day silent hommage to the cinema with no dialogue, but a shot of caffeine is order, ahead of time. Bugattis and Lamborginis and Ferraris danced through my head. I was pleased that the woman behind me liked my hair.

That’s when I realized that Ferruccio Lamborghini, Ettore Bugatti, Enzo Ferrari and George Mennella, inventor of the Geo Palette Hair System, have a common lineage. Luxury cars/top of the line hair color like no other in the world. And all of them born in Italy.

For the Lamborghini of hair color, come to Bewitched Salon in Woodmere, NY. Call us for an appointment at 516 374-1490. Take the drive of your life with George Mennella, MariaLisa Mennella, and other Geo Palette certified artists. -JC

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Her Blondness and her Highness: Morphing Marilyn Monroe

I didn’t expect to love Michelle Williams’s portrayal of my favorite movie legend, Marilyn Monroe. I expected to be dismissive.

Instead, I was entranced. I believed her power to seduce everyone in sight, except for Sir Laurence Olivier, who dismissed her with the words, “Do what you do best. Act sexy,” or something like that, offensive and careless.

I believed Julia Ormond, who played Olivier’s wife, Vivian Leigh, sobbing in front of the rushes that showed Marilyn’s younger beauty, reflecting on the loss of her own.

I believed Eddie Redmayne playing Colin Clark, in love with Marilyn and totally in her power, his eyes lit from within whenever he saw her.

I sat in my seat as the credits ran, teary and nostalgic, carried back to my teen years reading the headlines that Marilyn Monroe had died.
Marilyn and Michelle had bewitched me once more, for an hour and a half of cinematic bliss.

For bewitchment of another kind, come to Bewitched in Woodmere, NY to get the Geo Palette, revolutionary hair color that surpasses the highlight. If Vivian had tried our new color system, she might have looked ten years younger. Call us for an appointment at 516 374-1490. Hollywood may haunt us, but years later, our hair color has never looked better.
Morph your favorite actress and be the star of your own life, with the Geo Palette, at 956 Broadway, Woodmere, NY or at any palette certified salon.

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Kim Kardashian channeling Liz Taylor? Bling, boys and bye bye…

Cynics and skeptics tell me that Kim K. made bundles from her ten million dollar wedding…that she did it for the money. Certainly her mother is an excellent businesswoman, lining the Kardashian pockets with great business deals for the dynasty she created.

But Kim is in love with being in love. And being in love has little to do with living with someone. She and Elizabeth Taylor have a lot in common: a fondness for bling and boys. Liz married whomever she fell in love with, whatever the consequences. Kim liked the idea of a big wedding to a big lug who bucked her family.

Not to mention three wedding gowns. If reality shows are not reality, how come most of us could see that Kim and the Big Lug were destined to fail? Her ambition soared so far beyond him that it would never work.

What will work is hair color that is radically new. The Geo Palette Hair System is available at our flagship salon, Bewitched Salon, at Bewitched in Woodmere, and in various parts of the United States.

Call us at Bewitched Salon, at 956 Broadway, Fresh Meadows, NY, for an appointment with the Geo Palette. Color that lasts longer than Kim’s wedding…yes, longer than 72 days! -JC

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Japanese men like girls with a snaggletooth: does imperfection make them perfect?

Here in America, we whiten and brighten. A good friend came back from a long trip away with breast implants, a tummy tuck, and teeth whiter than chiclets. Or, as another friend put it, teeth like yogurt. They dazzled us so much, we shielded our eyes.

But in Japan, it seems, a new fashion has women paying to have their teeth re-arranged. No punches involved. Just dental surgery that results in “fangs”, a look called yaeba that men find attractive. Did you know that crooked teeth have an endearing factor, and make women more approachable?

But if the man finds it cute, I ask, does the woman? Does she feel like the perfect object of desire, with teeth made crooked? Does she feel better about herself, pleasing the man by looking more imperfect?

I give up. Come in and get perfect color with the Geo Palette instead. Everyone will compliment you, men and women. And after that, if you want imperfection…just mess up your hair. -JC for results. 956 Broadway, Woodmere, NY. Call us at 516 374-1490, for an appointment with perfection. Don’t rearrange your teeth for a man. Do it for yourself, if it makes you happy.

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