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Gandalf the Grey wants you to go blonde or red!

The Hobbit Pub is in trouble. It seems that the pub in Southampton, England excites JRR Tolkien fans but is being sued by producers of the upcoming prequel, The Hobbit, for copyrite infringement.
The Gandalf drink is in trouble, too. We hear it packs a huge Lord of the Ring punch.
Gandalf, however, is a wizard, we know, and recommends to all the Geo Palette Color System, a revolutionary new system for coloring hair that is kind to the environment and trumps the traditional highlight with its’ fabulous results.
Get the Geo Palette. Lord of All Hair Color, and Gandalf the Grey would approve.
Call 516 374-1490 to get an appointment. Bilbo Baggins has been here already, eating a bagel. -JC


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Two hundred dollars for vitamin D? Take a hike!

My doctor prescribed a large dose of vitamin D for my vitamin D depleted body.
“Two hundred dollars,” announced the pharmacist.
I ripped up the prescription and left.
My dermatologist told me to take a walk in the sun…put on a little sunscreen and enjoy nature for free. And that’s what I did.
To enjoy the best color on the planet, get the Geo Palette…four or five tonalities, multi-dimensional, kind to the environment, and fewer touch-ups between. Run, do not walk, to the Geo Palette certified salon of your choice, and get some vitamin D while you’re at it. or call Bewitched Salon at (516) 374-1490 to get off-the-chart color. -JC

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Feasting or fasting? An abundance of beauty with the Geo Palette

I went to a wake this morning, immersed in sadness and a loving family, and read the banners on the church walls.
On one side, the banner read: fast from discontent, anger, bitterness, self-concern, despair, guilt, suspicion, and laziness.
On the other, it read: feast on gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, hope, committment, truth and patience.
Good advice for all, I thought. So lose your discontent with your current hair color. Feast on gratitude for the Geo Palette. Forgive your hairdresser and have them train in the Geo Palette. Lose your bitterness with stripey highlights, and commit to the Geo Palette, just once. Don’t despair. Don’t feel guilty about leaving your hairdresser. It’s time for him to stop being lazy, and face the truth. Geo Palette hair color is the best hair color in the world. Be patient. Get an appointment. Feast on the gratitude of great hair!
Call 5216 374-1490 for an appointment at Bewitched Salon for a Geo Palette by George, MariaLisa, Nikki, or Fernando!

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Trapped in the romance of the century?

I truly enjoyed Madonna’s film, W.E., about Edward VIII’s abdication of the British throne for the twice divorced American, Wallis Simpson. It insinuates that the romance of the century may have become a prison for the two lovers, exiled from England, a floating parody of true love.
But it engrossed me, and I loved the fashion…gorgeous costumes, fabulous jewelry, much of it real, and some created by the great fashion houses just for the movie.
Actor James D’Arcy’s Edward adored Wallis, played beautifully by Andrea Riseborough. He gave up the throne for her, and opposed the will of the Royal Family and Parliament. Did love conquer all? It’s doubtful, but we may never know.
Get some gumption like Edward, and give up your hairdresser for the sake of your hair if he or she won’t learn the Geo Palette Hair System. Be passionate., and go for the glory. You are worth it. And the Queen of England won’t give a damn., call us at 516 374-1490 at Bewitched Salon for an appointment with destiny, or have your stylist become certified in the Geo Palette Hair System. Much simpler than giving up the throne. -JC

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Newsflash: Madonna cuts daughter from own film!

Madonna cut her own daughter, whose dream to become an actress will have to wait a little bit, from her own film, W.E. Ruthless for the sake of art? That’s how I see it.
Lourdes, with her own line of clothing, will get over it, don’t you think?
Be ruthless for the sake of your hair. Fire your hairdresser unless she becomes certified in the Geo Palette Color System…color that surpasses highlights with simply gorgeous results! Environmentally sound, no dulling finish with aluminum foils, and longer lasting color than any conventional methods. See or make an appointment to look beautiful by calling 516 374-1490 for Bewitched Salon in Woodmere, NY.  Salons are being certified now…make yours one of them, or cut them, like Madonna. Be ruthless. Look fabulous! -JC

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The Bachelor and the Scheming Model: Winning? Not.

Courtney on The Bachelor, the model from Arizona who manipulates her way into Ben Flajnik’s arms, is determined to win. Convincing the ambivalent bachelor to skinny dip in the ocean, she practically fist pumps in delight. “Winning!” is her slogan, grimacing is her style.

For a better version of “winning”, get your hair colored using the Geo Palette Color System. Glorious color that surpasses the highlight in every way, enviromentally “green”, and you will never look better.

The Geo Palette. Winning color, audition-ready. Go to to see some of our results. You could even win The Bachelor! Just remember not to make all those funny faces.

Or call us at 516 374-1490 for an appointment at a Geo Palette certified Salon. -JC

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What ends a marriage more than adultery?

What brings on the demise of a marriage faster than cheating? A new poll reports that nagging reigns king (or queen) when it comes to the destruction of the marital union.

Nagging is punishment, it seems, like chalk squeaking across a blackboard, or a dentist’s drill. Nagging doesn’t stop until the damage is done, and communication grounds to a halt.

But sometimes, every once in a while, nagging is good. Do you want the most beautiful hair color on the planet, darn it? Get the Geo Palette, for heaven’s sake. Get the Geo Palette, why don’t you? Get the Geo Palette, right now! See? I’m a nag. But it won’t end your marriage, it will make you drop-dead gorgeous. It will start conversation, hasten compliments, and give your hair more shine and depth than ever before. Better than a highlight, it will enhance your life.
Visit www.geopalette for results, or call us at 516 374-1490 for an appointment at Bewitched Salon in Woodmere, or at any Geo Palette certified salon. Or depend on it,  I’ll nag you some more. -JC

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Geo Palette gives State of the Union address!

The debate between the Geo Palette Color System and the traditional highlight has ended. Geo Palette strode on stage wearing his trademark black leather hat and addressed throngs of colorists in the Oval Office…Yes, the Geo Palette Color System has won!
Promising to deliver the finest color on the planet, applause was huge as he demonstrated that Geo Palette color far surpasses the highlight with its incomparable gorgeous results.
In a poll taken, only one sole person preferred the highlight to the Geo Palette. When asked why, she answered, “I miss the drips.”
Call 516 374-1490 to schedule an appointment for fabulous color. Visit Bewitched Salon in Woodmere, NY, Karisma in Tampa, Fla, Beehive Islip, or C3. Have your colorist become certified by contacting us at our website -JC

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The Knock-out: Geo Palette vs. Highlight

Winner? The Geo Palette!

I know the foil highlight can have some great results. A foil, a root touchup, and back for another foil. Same old same old.
But every time a friend decides to take the plunge, and get Geo Palette color instead, the Palette wins, hands down. Hair color is richer, less delineated, and shinier. The aluminum foil diminishes shine, and the palettes allow the stylist to paint the color on geometric planes, so that he or she can see all the colors underneath. And color lasts far longer, sometimes as long as five months, with root touch-ups in between.
The great debate? No contest. Stars, many of them, versus stripes, what you don’t want. You decide.
Call 516 374-1490 for an appointment to get the Geo Palette. Far easier than choosing a president. No debates necessary.
Go to or visit a geo palette certified salon: Bewitched in Woodmere, NY, Beehive Islip, Karisma, Tampa, Fla and more to follow. No politics, coffee and bagels on Friday and Saturday, the best color ever.

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Heidi Klum and Seal are separating? Read on!

Not much of a likeness...

If Heidi Klum and Seal are separating, is there any hope for long lasting love? Didn’t Seal arrange a romantic rendezvous in an igloo in the snow complete with candlelit dinner? Don’t they have four children, proof of a loving committment? Doesn’t all that money help?
 If they can’t make it, can we?
Cheer up by re-inventing yourself with the most fabulous hair color on the planet, the Geo Palette. No foils that dull the hair, a green system, and color that will send you straight to Hollywood. Igloos not included.
Call 516 374-1490 for the Geo Palette Color System, or visit a Geo Palette certified salon…Bewitched in Woodmere, Karisma in Tampa, Florida, Beehive Islip, and more to follow. Make your own romance with beautiful hair color!

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