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GROSS OILY HAIR and so many compliments! Who knew?

Focus on hair color (and ignore neck and chin)

On a day of errands and boring chores, I got a compliment from my dental hygienist on my hair color, and I said thank you.
But I thought she was crazy. I hadn’t washed it in six days, (okay, I bathe daily, so don’t be judging me.)
Then a jaunt to Bloomingdale’s, and I’m stopped in the aisle. My first thought was, this undercover Bloomie’s woman thinks I’ve stolen something.
No, where did you get your color done?
Then, in the dressing room where I’m lamenting my tummy, the Bloomie’s assistant hands me a bigger size and says, “I love your hair color!”
Out at the supermarket, and it’s the check-out girl who gives me an ode to my beautiful hair.
This oily mess?
Which goes to show that Geo Palette color shines through, time after time.
But I’m washing it today.
Give the Geo Palette Color System a whirl today…compliments will follow. Go to for info. Or call Bewitched in Woodmere, NY for an appointment with praise from strangers in the street. -JC  516 374-1490 or find a certified Geo Palette salon near you.

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Moonrise Kingdom: Love it or say what???

I saw Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom yesterday, and remembered summer days as a child, catching fireflies in the creek, clambering up boulders that formed snug little homes for us, deep in the wilderness of sleepy Hunter in the Catskills.
Moonrise Kingdom is filmed mostly in Rhode Island, and features the sweetness of twelve year old orphaned Sam,  with a more mature looking Suzy, who discovers a book her parents bought about bringing up a difficult child.  Suzy is prone to violence, and Sam seems certifiable until their separate emotional ills are neutralized by their love for each other. The grown-ups are far crazier than the children, with their liasons, bullhorns and isolation.
You’ll love it on mythical Penzance Island, or you’ll hate it with a passion.
I loved it.
For color that reminds you of a summer long gone, bright with sunlight and a flash of fireflies, get the Geo Palette. Revolutionary, subtle, brilliant, and simply gorgeous. It will transport you. Check out our website at, or visit Bewitched in Woodmere for color by MariaLisa Mennella or the inventor, George Mennella. Find a certified Geo Palette salon near you for your finest hair adventure. Then go see Moonrise Kingdom. 516 374-1490 -JC

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HELP! I’ve been framed!

I recently had a tag sale at my house. It was an out-of-body experience, with people roaming through my home of fifteen years, idly picking up and discarding treasures of ours. One man held up an original painting and said, “I’ll give you a couple of bucks for it. I like the frame.”
We were nickel and dimed to death, until I said yes to every offer. One sweet old lady stole six gold teaspoons that belonged to my daughter’s American Doll teaset. I saw them in her hand. They disappeared forever. And who stuffed my favorite pleather pants down her shirt?

The funny thing is, not a single frame sold. I painstakingly removed and saved over one hundred photos, and set the frames in my grandmother’s china closet. Nada. Zilch. Zero sold. It seems that people simply use their phones to show pictures. Frames? Obsolete. And because Jeff Lewis the Decorator says that three items on a surface is chic, and the rest is clutter, they’re all in a box.

Get the right kind of framing: the Geo Palette Hair System. Supreme color that frames your face, superior to highlights in subtley and brilliances, several shades of gorgeous!

No tag sales involved. And your hair will never look better. or call 516 374-1490 for an appointment. -JC

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Waiting list for Fifty Shades of Grey 1000 long: less of a wait for the Geo Palette, but well worth it!

A public library in Wisconsin refused to order the erotic novel, Fifty Shades of Grey because of their “NO EROTIC” policy. But a spokes man for Vintage publishers says that libraries have “an extraordinary number of holds” on the book, and at some libraries, over a thousand.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to read an erotic novel handled by hundreds of people before me. Maybe electronic is the best way to go. More hygienic, if you know what I mean.
For a longer lasting fix, get rid of your fifty shades of gray with the best hair color on the planet. The Geo Palette. Environmentally friendly. Sexy. Gorgeous. Can be extremely erotic, because you’ll look so good, you’ll love yourself.
And so will everyone else.
Go to, or call 516 374-1490 for an appointment to get life enhancing color. Not too much waiting, I promise. -JC

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Life Lessons

I’m a trinket collector, and I’m having a tag sale so that my terrible shopping habits will be seen by all. My own Home Goods in the living room.
When I put my home up for sale, all of the decorators that staged their houses said: limit your trinkets to three to a table top. De-clutter. Clean.
I staged my house so beautifully with the help of a friend, that it sold in three days…which brings us to the life lesson learned: less is more. Spend the money on a quality piece, a skirt, a raincoat, a jacket, a haircut. One good piece is worth twenty trinkets.
Invest in your hair color with the best of the best: the Geo Palette. Gorgeous color that is not a highlight, so that blonds might have shades of wheat, gold, and platinum, as radiant as a sunny day. Brunettes exalt in burgundies, mahoganies, and rich chocolate laced with caramel.
Classic and revolutionary. Get the Geo Palette.
Now what the hell do I do with my teapots?

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Get drunk on the Geo Palette…

I recently sampled a glass of Cristal champagne, often dubbed the best champagne in the world. It was delicious. But in a blind test, would I have the palate, or aesthetic taste and mental appreciation, to taste the difference between Cristal and supermarket champagne? Possibly not.

I recently took a drive in a Mazerati, often dubbed the most exclusive luxury sports car in the world. It was wonderful. In a blind test, would I know the difference between the Mazerati and my Toyota? Maybe.

I recently had Geo Palette color, the most revolutionary hair color in the world, multi-dimensional, with rich tonalities. Looking in the mirror, would I be able to see the difference between the Geo Palette and the highlight? Without a doubt.

Stunning color, longer laster, kind to the environment and absolutely gorgeous…do I have the palate to appreciate the Geo Palette? Absolutely.

Test your aesthetic palate, and call 516 374-1490 for an appointment with luxury…the Mazerati of hair and the Cristal of color…The Geo Palette Color System. Go to for results. -JC

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“Envy aims very high.”

A friend recently told me that she no longer goes on Facebook, because everyone’s having more fun in life than she is. As Ovid said, “Envy aims high.”
Attending the Emiliani show in Atlantic City, I watched thousands of hairdressers stagger in nine inch heels and matching nine inch dresses with great interest. Some of them had exquisite color. A nod to their colorist’s skills. But a host of them had stripey highlights, seventy-six trombones worth. (Read: extremely brassy.)
If only they would check out the Geo Palette Hair System! Yes, they will envy the color. But they can get their creative juices going, and learn to deliver rich, dimensional color, with no stripes or bands. (Then they can color each other, pronto.) Salons are becoming certified in this remarkable color system. Aim high, for the very best, and go to our website at for enviable color. -JC

Call 516 374-1490 for an appointment now. Ovid would approve.

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The Tanning Salon Detective: Who colors all the blondes that come here?

I got a call from a tanning salon, inquiring about her blond clients. It seems that their hair color, ranging in tonality from wheat to honey to white-yellow, is superb. Where did they get their color done, and why did it look so different?
I explained that the difference was the Geo Palette…multi-dimensional color in several tonalities using the Geo Palette color system applied by Geo Palette artists. Maria Lisa at Bewitched Salon gave her blondes that certain something…resulting in superb color. The inventor, George Mennella, continued to perfect the art of the Geo Palette. Exquisite color that your local tanning salon will notice, tan or no tan. -JC
PS Call 516 374-1490 for an appointment with the best color on the planet!

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HUNGER GAMES? HAIR GAMES with the Geo Palette Hair System…no bloodshed involved!

I loved the Hunger Games. But when it comes to the Hair Games, and the fight to the finish, the Geo Palette Hair System is victorious.  Forget your traditional stripey highlights, fat or thin. Try the Geo Palette for the color of your life: multi-dimensional, three or more tonalities, no foils that dull the hair, and re-usable sections that are kind to the earth. A fight to the finished hair!

Call 516 374-1490 for an appointment to try the best color on the planet. No bloodshed, and no starving to death.  Geo Palette Color….Hair Victorious! -JC

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Fifty Shades of Grey: the Geo Palette and Mommy Porn

Okay, I’m immersed in the first book of mommy porn, Fifty Shades of Grey, aka Twilight with Lots of Kinky Sex.
Hello bondage, panting, pounding,ragged breathing, lip biting, gasping, dominants and submissives.
Are you ready for it? Pant for your Geo Palette color, beg for it, delight in it, surrender to it, savour it, lose yourself in it, simply by calling, so longingly, 516 374-1490 to schedule an appointment for color that surpasses the traditional highlight in tonality, shine, and total ecstacy at its’ results.
Fifty Shades of Grey? A fun read. The best hair color ever? Irresistible. -JC

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