Photo of a beautiful hair look created using the Geo Palette Hair System

Geo UNBOUNDED! A whole new way…

As a salon owner, what will the Geo Palette Hair System do for my business?
Offering a new service creates tremendous excitement in the salon itself, and with your clientele. The Geo Palette Hair System is a revolutionary, smart system that will boost interest in your salon. As an owner, you stand to enhance your revenue stream by attracting new clients and upgrading existing clients. In addition, your staff need not look elsewhere to stay motivated. The System rejuvenates from within. As a salon owner, you can create a department within your salon for Palette Artists, hairdressers who have been trained in the System.

Imagine creating a specialized Palette Artist department, which can range from one chair to a full salon. The Geo Palette Hair System works easily with your existing furniture and equipment. Our industry is an exciting one. However, for the past few years, there has been a lull. Hairdressers want something new, and hair coloring has emerged as the new frontier. The Nassau Museum of Art in New York has recognized the Geo Palette Hair System as art. The Geo Palette Hair System is the new buzz. The System is not a fad but it is a tool to create fads. Fads create interest, fun and excitement — components that have made our industry so successful. The Geo Palette Hair System has the potential to revolutionize the beauty industry by bringing a creative evolution of new technology to existing traditions.

The Geo System will astound the salon professional with the creative options it offers. The more difficult and intricate the color and cut, the better and quicker the Geo System delivers. You’ll be able to apply four, five, six colors at a time to achieve the multi-dimensional looks clients love, faster and easier. George Mennella’s system makes the salon professional’s job easier and, at the same time, a great deal more interesting. As salon owners, we are always looking for ways to strengthen our bottom line. The Geo Palette Hair System is the vehicle to do it.

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