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Geo UNBOUNDED! A whole new way…

Photo of a beautiful hair look created using the Geo Palette Hair System

Geo UNBOUNDED! A whole new way…

As a salon owner, what will the Geo Palette Hair System do for my business?
Offering a new service creates tremendous excitement in the salon itself, and with your clientele. The Geo Palette Hair System is a revolutionary, smart system that will boost interest in your salon. As an owner, you stand to enhance your revenue stream by attracting new clients and upgrading existing clients. In addition, your staff need not look elsewhere to stay motivated. The System rejuvenates from within. As a salon owner, you can create a department within your salon for Palette Artists, hairdressers who have been trained in the System.

Imagine creating a specialized Palette Artist department, which can range from one chair to a full salon. The Geo Palette Hair System works easily with your existing furniture and equipment. Our industry is an exciting one. However, for the past few years, there has been a lull. Hairdressers want something new, and hair coloring has emerged as the new frontier. The Nassau Museum of Art in New York has recognized the Geo Palette Hair System as art. The Geo Palette Hair System is the new buzz. The System is not a fad but it is a tool to create fads. Fads create interest, fun and excitement — components that have made our industry so successful. The Geo Palette Hair System has the potential to revolutionize the beauty industry by bringing a creative evolution of new technology to existing traditions.

The Geo System will astound the salon professional with the creative options it offers. The more difficult and intricate the color and cut, the better and quicker the Geo System delivers. You’ll be able to apply four, five, six colors at a time to achieve the multi-dimensional looks clients love, faster and easier. George Mennella’s system makes the salon professional’s job easier and, at the same time, a great deal more interesting. As salon owners, we are always looking for ways to strengthen our bottom line. The Geo Palette Hair System is the vehicle to do it.

Check out the links below to see what people are saying about the system:

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Geo BRUNETTE! Simultaneous form and color = a new revenue stream.

Photo of beautiful brunette hair looks created using the Geo Palette Hair System

Geo BRUNETTE! Simultaneous form and color = a new revenue stream.

What are the benefits of using the Geo Palette Hair System?
Fusing the two processes of cutting and coloring into one compresses the time in which the client sits in the chair. Paradoxically, the longer an intricate color pattern takes to apply using the conventional methods, the quicker it takes using the Geo Palette Hair System. Now, Palette color artists can achieve outstanding results more efficiently and economically.

The Geo Palette Hair System piques client interest. The client can observe the “process” by glancing up and seeing the application of color take place. And any odor from the hair color is directed upward, reducing any unpleasantness. Additionally, with the Geo Palette Hair System, there is virtually no mess, and the “take down” is quick and easy. The client will be excited to tell her friends and family about her new salon experience.

The Geo Palette artist has the potential to successfully create new high-end price structured services as well as performing efficiently at any price range, and totally exceed client’s expectations. Costs increase when the client wants a customized Palette, for her own use only, imprinted with her color and/or haircut pattern. Ordered, maintained and purchased through the salon, the client/salon relationship is strengthened. Pricing is also adjusted when the client desires more intricate patterns with a greater number of colors. Once the process is complete, the hair is shampooed, treated, dried and finished, and she is out the door with compliment-worthy results. Most importantly, the System is environmentally friendly. The palettes are reusable and not discarded, as are foils.

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Geo BLONDE! Achieve any result imaginable.

Photo of beautiful blonde hair looks created using the Geo Palette Hair System

Geo BLONDE! Achieve any result imaginable.

Why should a salon professional use the Geo Palette Hair System?
The Geo Palette Hair System is an exciting new approach to both hair coloring and cutting. With this system, complex multi-dimensional results are achieved with better understanding in less application time. Using the individual Geo palettes, hair design can now be approached on separate and independent geometric planes. The Geo Palette Hair System artist, trained and certified in the system, applies color and cuts the hair using the visual perspective the System allows. The experienced Geo Palette artist can accomplish the process of cutting and coloring in approximately half the time of traditional foil and cutting methods.

Using the Geo Palette, all boundaries of conventionality are eliminated. Using the conventional method, hair is sealed up in foil, out of sight, and the colorist has to “track”, remember and then guess the color placement. With the Geo System, the palette artist can see where the various points of interest and detail are. Because the hair is always visible and never hidden, 3-D, holographic color results emerge. The palettes on which the hair rests allows the salon professional to easily place and balance color and shape the hair to create unparalleled finished looks. The Geo Palette Hair System elevates the process of hair coloring and cutting to a new art form. It has the potential to both enhance client satisfaction and salon revenues. With the Geo System, “If you can think it, you can achieve it.”

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Geo Palette Hair Color: does art imitate life?

I was washing a handful of blueberries for breakfast (in an attempt to beat back memory loss), and I was struck by the beauty of it: the cool water, the deep blue of my hasty manicure blending with the hue of the blueberry. My morning thrill.

Let’s face it. Living in the moment is the best way to keep the vagaries of life at bay…and just for a few moments, I drank in the sight of my simple masterpiece.

The Geo Palette will paint your hair like art imitating nature. It can be as natural as the sunshine, or it can become a Fauvist painting, a Futuristic dabble, even an Impressionistic gem. Hair as art, imitating nature. Call us today at 516 374-1490 for your own personalized hair art at Bewitched Salon in Woodmere…you will love it.

Or check out our website at to view our gallery of “hair as living art”.  -JC

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Does your hair color have a HANGOVER?

Have you ever visited your hair salon, asked for brand new color, and gone home and cried? Tequila doesn’t help. An attack of blindness might…but your friends will let you know that your color sucks, won’t they? And bad color in daylight spells disaster.

Try something new for spring: the Geo Palette Hair System. It’s fabulous color that lasts longer than a highlight, is kind to the environment, creates multi-dimension in your hair, and won’t give you a hangover! Daylight is your friend, and so is the mirror.

Geo Palette color: a cure for hair hangover.  The only drink you’ll need is to celebrate! Call 516 374-1490 for an appointment with one of our Geo Palette Colorists.

Celebrate spring at Bewitched in Woodmere, NY with a hair transformation! Check out for more information. One marguerita and fabulous color? Perfect. -JC

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“Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere…”(especially if they get the Geo Palette) – Helen Gurley Brown

Helen Gurley Brown spurred the sexual revolution by declaring that women could have it all…children, a career, and great sex. Whenever I heard her speak, I liked her flirty manner, her playfulness, and her quick wit. She was…well, girly, such an apt term for a woman with Gurley as a middle name.
She believed in men and women being nice to each other.
She believed in hard work, and playing hard as well.
She believed in love, and passion, and women wanting to have sex.
She would have loved the Geo Palette Color System…hair color that takes you everywhere, color that invites every woman to live life well.
Get the Geo Palette. Rest in peace, Helen Gurley Brown, and thank you for your iconic spirit. It lives on.
Call 516 374-1490 for an appointment with beauty at Bewitched Salon in Woodmere, NY, or at a certified Geo Palette salon. -JC

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Geo Palette gives State of the Union address!

The debate between the Geo Palette Color System and the traditional highlight has ended. Geo Palette strode on stage wearing his trademark black leather hat and addressed throngs of colorists in the Oval Office…Yes, the Geo Palette Color System has won!
Promising to deliver the finest color on the planet, applause was huge as he demonstrated that Geo Palette color far surpasses the highlight with its incomparable gorgeous results.
In a poll taken, only one sole person preferred the highlight to the Geo Palette. When asked why, she answered, “I miss the drips.”
Call 516 374-1490 to schedule an appointment for fabulous color. Visit Bewitched Salon in Woodmere, NY, Karisma in Tampa, Fla, Beehive Islip, or C3. Have your colorist become certified by contacting us at our website -JC

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If Coco Chanel was a Nazi collaborator, do I buy my daughter Tempting Beige Blush by Chanel for Hanukkah?

Three books have come out about Coco Chanel, and Sleeping with the Enemy by Hal Vaughan makes me wonder if I should buy my daughter the Chanel blush she wants for Hanukkah! Her love affair with Baron Hans Gunther von Dincklage, a Nazi spy, makes a girl wonder, doesn’t it?

Does it give us enough cause not to buy a Chanel lipstick? Or a purse, for that matter?

She grew up hard, in an orphanage, and smart, in business, an opportunist in a hard scrapple world. A friend of Winston Churchill, but sleeping with the enemy…was it just a late affair with a much younger man who happened to be a Nazi? Three authors of recent books about Chanel’s personal life seem to disagree.

Perhaps we’ll never know the truth. But we do know the truth about fabulous hair color…the best ever color you will have in your life. Get the Geo Palette, at Bewitched Salon in Woodmere, or at palette certified salons. No politics involved,  just top of the line color, better than a highlight and green, to boot.

Call 516 374-1490 for an appointment. Or visit us at Bewitched, at 956 Broadway, in Woodmere, NY.  -JC

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Fashion Tip: Stripes are in…but NOT in your hair!

Coco Chanel saw the fishermen in Deauville, so the legend goes, and was enchanted by their striped boat-neck shirts made of soft  jersey.

She modernized women’s fashion, and gave them the little black dress, clusters of pearls, style and comfort.

Now stripes are back! Just not in your hair. If you leave your favorite salon with stripey highlights. go straight to Bewitched Salon for the revolutionary color system, the Geo Palette.

Get fabulous hair color and design, diffused, gorgeous, lustrous color that would have caught Coco’s eye.

Treat yourself for the holiday. Coco Chanel would approve.


The Geo Palette is available at our flagship salon, Bewitched Salon. Call us at 516 374-1490 and see our results at
Also available at Geo Palette-certified salons: Bewitched in Woodmere, NY, Karisma in Tampa, Florida, and Beehive in Islip, NY and Brooklyn.

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Scammed by a crying boy? He’s not your grandson.

Here at Bewitched, we want to protect and beautify our clients. Recently, a lovely lady was scammed by a crying boy, her supposed grandson, on the telephone, imploring first his grandfather and then his grandmother, to wire him $3000 to get him out of a jam in Spain. “Don’t tell my parents,” he begged them.

And they didn’t. The young man gave grandma the phone number for the “Spanish Consulate”, except that it was a continuation of the scam. It seems that the consulate needed another $3000 for the “boy’s” trial and airfare home. Our client wired the money.

A sobbiing young man can render any no-nonsense person emotionally vulnerable. It can also hide the timbre of his real voice.

We told our client to forgive herself. No one had died. Only her ego and her pocket were damaged. She couldn’t fault herself for loving someone.

Here at Bewitched, the flagship salon for the Geo Palette, we’re here for you. We give out tissues, condolences, and tender loving care in the form of great hair color.

Go to to see our results.

Call us at 516 374-1490 to schedule an appointment.

Tissues and compliments are free, (and bagels on Fridays and Saturdays!)  JC

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