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When did you last cry at the movies?

I saw the new Harry Potter the other day, and, SPOILER  ALERT, a particular character dies towards the end of the movie. I was unmoved, just a tad sad.

I also thought that as much as I enjoyed the movie, parts of it were reminiscent of Lord of the Rings…like the locket around the neck affecting the characters negatively.

But a little girl was absolutely SOBBING her eyes out, and her mother was trying to comfort, and shush her, as the sobs became wailing.

My crying was unstoppable when I was a little girl. The movie? The Swan. The handsome poor teacher leaves his pupil, despite their love. I cried for days. I wonder if my separation anxiety has to do with the damned movie?

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Low self esteem: why I think I have it…

So I get dressed in the morning in the outfit that I’ve planned in my head the night before. Funky tights ala Betsy Johnson. A black pencil skirt cinched at the waist with a wide belt. My faux diamond necklace. My new way too expensive concealer which hides the bags under my eyes. A bold red lip, very little makeup on my eyes. (I remember to emphasize either the eyes or the lips, rarely both.)

I check out my reflection in the long mirror in the hallway.

I look good. I feel attractive. Heads will turn.

And not a single person compliments me all day. How can this be? And why does it mean that I will never wear that particular ensemble again?

I hate to say it, I really do. But I think it means I have low self-esteem.

Or that I need another person’s stamp of approval before I’m sure of my own sense of fashion.

Of course, it may mean that I look SO good that I intimidate people. I’ll never know, because I’m already stuffing the outfit in the back of the closet to gather dust.

For high self-esteem that will never be questioned, come to Bewitched Salon in Woodmere, New York for our revolutionary color, the Geo Palette. You will leave us feeling like James Cagney in one of his old movies…On top of the world! (I think he’s talking to his mother, and is about to burn to death, so this vision might not be particularly relevant.)

But you’ll be on fire! How’s that?

See our results at or call us for an appointment at 516 374-1490.

You’ll never question how good you look again.

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Guess what? Men favor the face over the body…

When it comes to a long term relationship, studies say, men care more about the face than the body.

A new study claims that participants had the option of looking at either the head or body, and were asked to relate their importance. Apparently, it depended on intent. If the male was told to consider the person as a long term partner, he chose the face.

If it was a fling, he chose the body.

Which leads us to believe, at Bewitched Salon, that if you want a long term relationship, you had better come and get our revolutionary color, the Geo Palette, (see for results, or our Three-tiered Transformation, a day of beauty that turns difficult hair into beautiful tresses with our O*Mai curl softening, Geo Palette, and keratin treatment.

Want a long term relationship? Well, your face is important…and your hair is the crown!

Call us at 516 374-1490 for an appointment. We can’t find you a date…be we WILL make you look great!

956 Broadway, Fresh Meadows, New York.

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Creativity: Addicted to the “dope” in dopamine…

Here at Bewitched, we’re at our happiest when we are creating…whether it’s brand-new color with the Geo Palette, or an edgy primal cut via scissors. Our Three-tiered System: O*Mai curl softening, the Geo Palette, and keratin smoothing, transforms hair like straw into manageable shiny tresses…magic!

Creativity is addictive. Over and over, we want to boost the dopamine levels in our brain. As Steven Sondheim writes in his autobiography, “Finishing the Hat”, artists are looking for the next “hat” to tackle…

at Bewitched, we paint color on geometric planes, and our clients are ecstatic. Ahh, fresh new color: check out our cool clean blonds,  our rich autumn reds or our radical new violets!

See our results at or call for an appointment. 516 374-1490

Get ecstatic results, minus the drugs…only at Bewitched Salon.

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Warning: Annoying Advice!

Wake up depressed? I did.

So I jazzed myself up. Lace stockings. A pretty top. Toffee colored lipstick. High heels.

Added raisins to my oatmeal. Heated up milk to make the coffee creamy. Made an interesting salad so that I wouldn’t eat too much for lunch which would add to my doldrums.

Made myself focus on the autumnal oranges and fiery reds decking the trees on the way to work. Beautiful.

Smiled a few times in the car mirror to rev up my endorphins.

I felt better!

And now I’m about to watch a new client get the Geo Palette, our revolutionary color/cut system that is transforming hair. Her happiness will make me happy, too!

Come and try it. It will lift any depression and add the most amazing color to your life.

Visit us at to see our results. Or make an appointment at the Geo Palette flagship salon, Bewitched Salon, at 956 Broadway, Fresh Meadows, NY. 516 374-1490. Spirits will be lifted. Compliments will follow. JC

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You want us to wear WHAT???

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You want me to wear WHAT?

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If you THINK the compliment, make someone’s day….and tell them.

We had a new client come into Bewitched today, and she wasn’t popular. She glowered at the shampoo person, and wasn’t much nicer to the manicurist. But when she walked toward me, she glided, so gracefully, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. I told her so, and she lit up, her smile my reward.
After that, she was sweeter to everyone.
From now on, if I THINK it, I say it. I might make someone’s day, and in the process, she might make our day better.
Come in and get our Geo Palette, color sweeter than anyone’s…brighter, more cutting edge OR subtle, gorgeous, revolutionary.
Call us at 516 374-1490 for an appointment, or check out www.geopalette for results.
Compliments will flow, unbidden.
You won’t feel grouchy any more.

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The dark smokey look is in…so how come I look like I have a black eye?

Okay, here at Bewitched we like being on the cutting edge of style…we are the flagship salon for the Geo Palette Cut/Color System, after all.

So when I read about the dark smokey eye, I had to try it. We have three wonderful makeup artists here at the shop, but I did my eyes at home.

My daughter was the first to notice. “Is that a black eye?” she asked me, over toast and coffee.

The man behind the counter at the bagel shop looked alarmed. “Is your boyfriend beating you?”

Some eye makeup remover wiped away my supposed beating, and I’m back to a bare eye with mascara and liner…until Alice or Nichole or Eyeleen are available. After all, I have a reputation to uphold, and two black eyes aren’t good for my image.

My hair color, however, created by George and his revolutionary Geo Palette Hair System, is very good for my image. I get tons of compliments, and if you call us at Bewitched Salon for an appointment, you’ll love it, too. 516 374-1490

Or have a look-see at for our fabulous results.

Don’t ask me for a smokey eye, though. The coffee and compliments are on the house.

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