“I love love!” said the pretty young woman, snuggling with the new bachelor, who tested the contestants’ mettle by asking them to immerse themselves in glacial waters and not, by the way, freeze to death. Way to pick a relationship? Maybe, maybe not.

“Bless your heart,” says Sean, when one of the girls succumbs to near hypothermia. Southern good manners count when it comes to finessing the ladies. But I like him, I really do.

It’s just that I like great hair color better. The Geo Palette System for coloring hair lasts longer than a dunk in the freezing Montana waters. Quick exhilaration? No. Lasting dimension and shine, better than a highlight, longer lasting, garnering far superior compliments than “bless your heart” from a sweet Southerner.

More like heart stopping, and way more exciting than diving into sub-zero lake, milking a goat, or rock climbing when you’re super afraid of heights.

Go to www.geopalette.com for information, or call us at 516 374-1490 for an appointment at Bewi’s in Woodmere, NY. You’ll love loving your color. It’s that simple. -JC