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The Sessions: a lesson in intimacy

We saw a lovely film last night, The Sessions. Authenticity reigned, from the sexual surrogate, played by Helen Hunt, to the cigarette smoking, beer-drinking Father Brendan, who gives Mark O’Brien, a  poet paralyzed from the neck down, his wry blessing to lose his virginity. John Hawkes plays the man stricken by polio, and his technique simply transcends acting. He IS the poet, comical, wise, mired in loneliness, embracing life.

Helen Hunt is nude much of the time, and yes, we are transfixed by her younger body next to her older smoothed-by-Botox face, but she is believable as she works with O’Brien to achieve his goal, sexual intercourse.

Don’t you love my awkward segues? In time for Xmas, we urge you to gift yourself an intimate session with a Geo Palette specialist for hair color that surpasses the conventional highlight in depth and dimension.

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The movie ArGO? GO GO GO!!!

Tony Mendez, CIA agent

Don’t we love watching a movie based on a real life crisis that we know ends happily?

Go see Argo. Set during the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, if you are a person of a certain age, you will recognize the huge ugly eyeglasses, the earnest Iranian female student lecturing the world, and the chaos at the embassy, blasted across our television screens for over a year. Embassy politics then, and now.

But a happy ending is a happy ending, and the six that were rescued in plain sight from the Canadian embassy by CIA agent Tony Mendez went back into foreign service after their release. And how about Tony’s crazy scheme, an act of courage that ultimately brought him the highest CIA badge of honor?

Argo casting was brilliant, choosing actors that resembled the diplomats, except of course for Mr. Affleck versus Mr. Mendez, who goes home to his family in Virginia in another happy outcome.

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Real Housewives of “Nasty-to-each-other”!

I am a big fan of the Real Housewives franchise, from Beverly Hills to Orange County to New York City. But as I watched the New Jersey ladies wind down their season with Andy Cohen, the misery and anger in the air was palpable. I could have pounded it like the veal on their RV trip together.

Teresa’s oiled body was tense, her smile false, her apologies as fake as her boobs and eyelashes. Possible cheater Joe stood behind her like a coiled boa constrictor, ready to strike.

Caroline was still not talking to her sister Dina, and made remarks about family being everything. Misery and accusations prevailed.

Kindness was absent, and the film clips of the children made us sad as they acted out or reacted to the woes of their parents.

The befores and afters revealed the toll the program has taken on its’ participants. The ladies looked fresher and more innocent in the past. Anger makes us ugly, doesn’t it?

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Real NYC Housewives fired, and we know why…

Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon, Alex McCord, and the new girl with the hair removal business will not be coming back to Housewives of NYC. Fired. Removed. Kaput. And we know why!

Big-mouthed Jill was a bully and a mean girl. A less abrasive Kelly was still a nutjob. Alex found her voice, but who knew it would be so annoying? And hair removal girl had a bad attitude and was a “whiner” to boot.

If you ask me, we’ve had enough of Ramona’s Pinot Grigio and jugular cutting opinions. The Countess in love is watchable, but Sonya, please get over yourself. You used to be fun, and now we know you just like showing your underwear. Bravo, please. Fire the lot of them and start fresh.

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