Hair through the ages

Hair through the ages

In college, I was a long haired natural, likened to Ali McGraw and Katherine Ross, only plumper, not a hair dye in sight.

Over the summer, I spent a few weeks in Hawaii with a college friend, and my hair took on a golden hue from all the sunshine.

By the time I got married the first time and moved to England, I splurged on henna, and got a taste of red, which made my father compare me to Shawnie, our Irish setter.

I got a perm, and married a second time.

I got another perm, and found out that I was pregnant, because the wave wouldn’t take.

I got divorced, and became a blonde, because I heard they had more fun.

I found my soulmate, if soul-mates can fight, and decided that red suited me.

The Geo Palette Hair System. Is it time for a change?