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We’ve come a long way, Ingrid Bergman

My father, bless him, used to tell me that I looked like Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelly. I didn’t and I don’t. If he had been alive to watch the show, The Good Wife, he might have likened me to Christine Baranski…less a movie star and more a character actress with attractive flaws.

I was mesmerized by all things Hollywood, despite my mother’s disdain for “that hoofer, Fred Astaire”, or even my all time favorite, Marilyn Monroe. My mother’s opinion resembled Laurence Olivier’s, who before his overacting debut in The Prince and the Showgirl, mortified my idol by telling her, “All you have to do is be sexy, dear Marilyn.” The camera, forever loyal, loved her, and Marilyn stole the show.

But I digress. Ingrid Bergman, my father’s favorite and at the top of my list, was a star from another era. Luminous in Gaslight, exciting in Notorious, lovestruck in Casablanca, beautiful in Spellbound, she scandalized the world by an affair and then marriage with Roberto Rossellini. Forced to remain in Europe for several years, she was denounced on the floor of the US Senate. Ed Sullivan refused to have her on his show, despite polls indicating that the public was ready.

At last, America forgave her. In 1956, she returned to make the film, Anastasia in 1956, winning her second Academy Award.

Yesterday, at the post office, I purchased a book of Ingrid Bergman stamps with genuine pleasure. Bravo, Ingrid. I have always loved you.

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Kate Moss makes fun of herself in new film…but Stella McCartney has the best line!

A friend and I saw Absolutely Fabulous on the big screen. We laughed hard at Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders… hysterical as they rolled their eyes and injected themselves with Botox as easily as they applied their lipstick. The cocaine snorting and drinking to excess didn’t make us want them to go to rehab. We were in the funny zone. They wobbled in their high heels, comical queens at fashion shows and the Riviera as they made absolute fun of themselves.

Kate Moss was the goddess of the film, “killed off” early to the horror of the fashion world. She reigns supreme, drinkng champagne with her perfect Kate Moss lips, emerging from the Thames like Botticelli’s Venus, only way thinner.

Lulu arrives, along with Joan Collins, Jon Hamm, and a cast of celebrities that I’d like help naming, but I’m too close to Eddy and Patsy in age to remember.

Go with a friend and have more than a few laughs. Then go for drinks and get catty about super model Kate. She’s still got it. 

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A movie a day…what have I learned?

I turned on a movie the other day that I had seen when I was a teenager: Splendor in the Grass.  About broken hearts and madness, bad girls and good girls…but back in the day, it had left me cold. Life lessons made me absolutely love it when I watched it again, more than forty years later! Because I’ve lived since then: I’ve been the bad girl and the good girl, made poor choices and good choices, had my heart broken. I haven’t gone mad, like Natalie Wood, unless anxiety attacks count!

My son, a film major, watches a film classic a day. We’re on an Alfred Hitchcock kick now, and Rear Window resonates but Vertigo does not. North by Northwest is fun and thrilling, and confirms for my son that Hitchcock loves blondes. Tippi Hedron, Kim Novak, Eva Marie Saint, Doris Day, Janet Leigh, and my favorite ice goddess, Grace Kelly. From what I hear, Alfred claimed that blonds photographed better, and made better heroines. It doesn’t matter. Hitchcock offered us pure entertainment.

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“I’ll never watch an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie again!” REALLY?

Okay, so Arnold betrayed his wife and has a love child. A blogger wrote, “I’m never watching a Schwarzenegger movie again.” Huh? Does that mean I have to forever ignore Woody Allen movies? And what about Mel? Ban him to hell? How about Roman Polanski? Avoid him like the plague? My father was a left wing activist from way back. But he enjoyed watching the occasional John Wayne movie, (although he liked Robert Ryan’s movies and politics better.)

And Kramer! I have to admit, when I watch Seinfeld re-runs, I’m not thinking about Michael RIchards’ racist ranting a few years back.

Is the talent all gone when the ethics are shot?

Just saying.

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Now THAT’S talent, minus the love child.

956 Broadway

Woodmere, NY

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Thankful? Prove it.

Okay, I’m thankful that I’m alive, that I’m still reasonably attractive, that I’m not depressed, and that I have love in my life.

So why am I always complaining?
Sure, money is tight, my kitchen has a hole in the ceiling, I’m going gray more quickly than ever, and I’m not as flexible.

But I love wearing my high heeled shoes, strutting my stuff, seeing a great movie, watching the leaves change, buying my favorite cookie from the pastry shiop and savoring it over a good cup of coffee.

So shut the hell up, me.

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Come and see us. I promise you’ll be forever thankful, and you won’t hear a single complaint from me. By the way. Happy Thanksgiving to all. And I’ve cheated…the attached photo is not me, it’s my daughter. If she’s the apple and I’m the tree, I give thanks.

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When did you last cry at the movies?

I saw the new Harry Potter the other day, and, SPOILER  ALERT, a particular character dies towards the end of the movie. I was unmoved, just a tad sad.

I also thought that as much as I enjoyed the movie, parts of it were reminiscent of Lord of the Rings…like the locket around the neck affecting the characters negatively.

But a little girl was absolutely SOBBING her eyes out, and her mother was trying to comfort, and shush her, as the sobs became wailing.

My crying was unstoppable when I was a little girl. The movie? The Swan. The handsome poor teacher leaves his pupil, despite their love. I cried for days. I wonder if my separation anxiety has to do with the damned movie?

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If All the Hollywood Movie Stars Use it, Do You Want to?


A fifty something friend of ours went in search of a foundation at a nearby department store.
She stopped at a high-end boutique for some advice, and purchased, on a whim, a “champagne secret” potion sold to Hollywood movie starlets. “She does makeup for the stars,” said the saleslady.
The foundation was nice, not cakey, or mask-like, or unnatural in daylight.
Should she have bought it?
She did, and felt guilty.
(Maybe she should have gotten her color done instead. A color and cut with the Geo Palette is revolutionary. You won’t feel guilty. You might feel elated.), or call Bewitched Salon at 516 374-1490 for an appointment.

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Saddlebags are IN? Please, NO!

The Geo Palette in action!

The new look for fall includes saddlebags….in leather, not as a body part!

Rugged booties are all the rage as well…on our feet, not raggedy rear ends!

We still love our pencil skirts, but do we need bodies like pencils to wear them? We think not. Watch Christina Hendricks in Mad Men for a real woman with curves. Love it.

Skinny pants are still rampant, and with the right top and shoes, everyone can wear them.

The Geo Palette Hair System serves up hair with an autumn flair….come in for revolutionary color and a disconnected cut, fresh for fall, at Bewitched Salon in Woodmere, NY, or look at our website, for the future of hair!

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